Letter to the Editor

Scott City will still pull together

To the editor:

I am leaving Scott City with regrets and a beautiful love for all the friends and help I have had. May God bless each and every one of you. I have loved my life here. I will miss many of you. I enjoyed every minute of my endeavors to make Scott City better. I will always continue to love each of you who accepted me. I wish our town the best. I hope I succeeded in a small way to make our town better. I also wish I could have done more and better.

I have been happy here, but I know it is time to go. Please keep on trying. We are a great community and a caring one. No matter what our differences are, we are united in our love for this neighborly town. As you know, I approve of people airing their thoughts and listening and compromising to fix needs. We have some of the finest people who live anywhere right here. I call them the "unaware angels." They are many. So as I leave I pray God's blessing on all.