Speak Out 8/19/08

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grate is missing

HAS ANYONE else noticed on the railroad tracks at the junction of Jackson Boulevard and Highway 25 there's a steel grate missing? It's like a pothole. It has been like this for months. Please fix the road.

Coming up short

TODAY I received a letter from the Jackson School District pertaining to the No Child Left Behind Act and how Jackson schools are coming up short based on this year's testing. This comes as no surprise to me. My child attends the high school. Last year he was struggling in a few classes. I went to Parent Link on the district website to check on my son's assignments and grades. The site wasn't up to date and had little information. This site is supposed to be updated by the teachers for parents to keep in touch on their child's academic progress. So I e-mailed the teachers for assignments and grade information. I never heard back. I called the counselor, who e-mailed the teachers and got little response. I went to the school and talked to the teachers, who seemed disinterested. I feel if the teachers won't take a few minutes a day to update a website or take the time to e-mail a concerned parent, this is probably contributing factor why the district is coming up short.

New school building

NOW THAT Delta has a new elementary school building in the works, I hope the district can focus on other things such as a new ag building. Start offering more classes at the high school. The only business class offered (personal finance) is mandated by the state. There are no advanced-placement classes for anyone. Let's remember the kids and focus on their needs.

Casino doubts

A CAPE Girardeau casino might make the developers a huge profit, but at what cost to our community? We've seen the effects of casinos in St. Louis and Kansas City first-hand, and the end results are never as promised. Casinos take away from other forms of entertainment, restaurants and more. Why take away from family-friendly entertainment options to make a few citizens richer?

Separating juveniles

CALLING CAROL McClard an "advocate" doesn't make her views any more appealing to me. Instead of highlighting her emotional appeals, tell us the facts about how much it would cost to separate these so-called victims of the system from the general population. And when separated, how much crime do these violent young people commit against each other? Violent felons need to be imprisoned, and Mrs. McClard's much-written-about grief doesn't change that.

Positively medieval

ECOLOGISTS AND environmentalists are often criticized on the grounds of wanting to turn back the clock. Maybe we should turn it back. A just-published historical study found that modern day office workers have less free time than did the medieval peasantry.

Make it beautiful

I WOULD like to take the city government to task about the downtown area. I am disappointed in the lack of improvement in the downtown area. Cape Girardeau has a lot to offer visitors, but streets leading to the downtown area are eyesores. Put up better lighting. Add some water features and landscaping. Get store owners to follow a set design for the exterior of their stores. I would also add the city needs to help draw more businesses to the downtown area by giving tax breaks and assisting them. This is a nice city, but it could also be a beautiful one.

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