Scott Co. sheriff's son injured in IED blast in Afghanistan

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The son of Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter was injured in Afghanistan on Friday.

Trenton Walter, 21, is recovering in an Afghanistan hospital, according to his father. The U.S. Marine was hurt during a firefight with the Taliban, when his crew hit two improvised explosive devices.

"He received shrapnel to his left side and left arm, he has a concussion and a laceration to his right eye," the sheriff said. "He was wearing his safety glasses. They probably saved his eyes."

As soon as he reached a hospital, Trenton Walter called his wife, who in turn called the sheriff. Walter said he spoke to his son Friday and again Sunday.

"It doesn't make any difference how old your kids are, whether they're 2 or 21, you just want to be with them," Rick Walter said.

He said it's been a hectic month for the family; younger son Seth left for Air Force boot camp Aug. 4, one day before the primary election, which Walter won. The family has closely followed news of Trenton Walter's unit, which suffered three deaths Thursday.

"The day before, he'd carried a boy off that lost his leg," Walter said, adding that since April, 14 members of his son's unit have "either been killed or wounded bad enough they had to ship 'em back to the states."

The U.S. Marine served a stint in Iraq, which included 28 enemy engagements; Afghanistan fights "have been a lot more intense," Walter said.

He said Trenton Walter told his family Sunday he planned to return to his unit as soon as possible.

Walter said his son was told he would receive a Purple Heart, "but he feels guilty it was even mentioned to him. These boys are amazing, and it's not just, for us, numbers any more."

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