Roast: A special evening of memories, friends

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was recently the recipient of an honor: a roast held at the Cape Girardeau Country Club hosted by my devoted board of directors of the Cape River Heritage Museum.

Jerry Ford, master of ceremonies, opened the evening reading a roast from Dr. John Holcomb, board member, who was unable to attend. This progressed to an evening of almost continuous laughter.

Markie Wagner and Terri Foley exposed more of my private life in order to stir up spontaneous laughter and jolly tears. Two of my sons-in-law, Mark Thomas (roasting) and Rob Recker (filming) and many of my so-called friends put in their two cents' worth.

Two of my daughters, Trisha from Miami and Frankie Schott from Cape Girardeau, honored me. My other daughters — Nancy from Tallahassee, Julia from St. Cloud, Fla., and Lisa from Youngsville, N.C. — were quite consumed with laughter at my expense and were speechless.

Was I unhappy with the disclosures? I probably laughed as heartily as anyone. Embarrassment might be a better word. A few parts of my life might have been better not disclosed. There was a degree of truth in some that was said.

Did I have a good time at my roast? Absolutely. My pleasure was seeing the laughter and tears of my 80-plus friends and relatives.

I'll still walk with my head held high, however. I'm certain I will encounter a twinkle of an eye or a slight smirk when I run into those who attended.

Believe what you wish.

My thanks go to Jerry Ford and the museum board and those who cared enough to come, honor me or roast, call or send me a note.

Thanks, one and all. It was a very special evening.

Marjorie H. Thompson is the board president and director of the Cape River Heritage Museum.

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