Speak Out 8/18/08

Monday, August 18, 2008

Not a good plan

AN ORDINANCE to allow golf carts or mules on public roads is the most unsafe and irresponsible thing I have heard in a long time.

Sorry for victim

WE SHOULD go slow on removing the option that a juvenile who commits an adult crime will go to an adult penitentiary. I know this is a sad situation, but let's also think of the victim. I feel sorry for the families involved, but I also feel sorry for the victim.

School supplies

I HAD to chuckle when I read Cape Girardeau School District assistant superintendent Pat Finger's comment about how teachers provide extra school supplies. Some of the teachers might, but as a parent who always gave extra supplies at the beginning of the year, it amazes how the administration has no idea what goes on. In middle school, some of the teachers ask students if they have extra folders or paper. At the junior high, the teachers either charge you for a pencil or let you borrow one, confiscating your name tag until the pencil is returned.

Getting assistance

OVER THE last seven years, Cape Girardeau Fire Department personnel have responded to my calls to put me back on my feet. Again yesterday you were riding on your big engine to put me upright. Gentlemen and ladies, thank you.

Weeds in the park

I RECENTLY took my son to the Delta park. I don't know who is in charge of the park, but we couldn't play basketball because of the weeds growing in the court.

Working prisoners

I'M A delivery driver in Cape Girardeau. Quite often we deliver to Scott City. How awesome it is to drive through Scott City and see prisoners working. Other towns should take lessons from Scott City. Keep up the good work.

Blanchard is great

AS THE mother of a child who just spent two incredible years at Blanchard Elementary School, I have a few choice words for parents who listed it as their third or fourth choice when deciding where to send their children this year. Blanchard is an unbelievably positive, caring place where a child's welfare is always put first. The teachers work so hard to make sure their students succeed at every level. Get involved. See for yourself what an amazing place Blanchard is. It is the perfect place for your children to learn and grow into respectful, educated young people.

Inventive reasons

THIS PRESIDENTIAL campaign has proved to be entertaining, especially the inventive ways people come up with to say they will never vote for a black person without directly saying that they will never vote for a black person.

Tractor on the road

I'VE BEEN taking County Road 450 because of construction at the Highway 72-34 junction. A farmer has been parking his tractor on the road so you have to get off the gravel road to go around it. My taxes help pay upkeep on that road. It's not a personal driveway.

Sinking ship

AS I read where a number of students will be bused to schools where academic achievement is higher, my thoughts go back to a sinking ship. Most people are good swimmers, some better than others. But as civilized human beings, we are obligated to help others in every way we can. Put life jackets on passengers from a sinking ship and tell them to remain calm, but don't let them grab you around the neck and pull you under or you, too, may drown.

Regents need to act

ISN'T IT high time that the board of regents at Southeast Missouri State University take an active role? The administration at SEMO has been deteriorating for years, and the NCAA issue with men's basketball is another chip in the handle. Regents, do your job.

Cell phones in school

KUDOS TO the schools that are banning students from using cell phones during school. If an emergency comes up, I'm sure the school staff will immediately contact the parent. It is ridiculous to think students are allowed to text during class. No wonder there are problems with kids learning. They are too busy being social and using their cell phones as a tool to cheat and cause trouble. I wish the Cape Girardeau and Jackson schools would give some serious consideration to banning cell phones also.

Wake up the parents

JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY School is getting a bad name because of all these students wanting to transfer. It's not the school. It's the parents who make this school look this way. I was at Jefferson for three years before moving. Did I want to move my family away from the south side of Cape Girardeau? Yes. There are excellent teachers at Jefferson. The problem is that there is no parent involvement at this school. The kids run in the streets until dark, sometimes later, with no parents around. They take this attitude to school, and there is no way the principal can control all of these kids. Jefferson is a great school with wonderful teachers, staff and students with potential. Wake up the parents to change the school. Parents have to care about their kids and their education for them to succeed.

Classroom reality

MICHAEL JENSEN'S Aug. 13 column is somewhat true. My honor-roll child gets disgusted with disruptive fellow students. But has Mr. Jensen been in the classroom lately? Last year my child did his best on the MAP testing. The math questions were never covered at the junior-high level. The teachers miss at least eight to 10 days for meetings a year. Some teachers, but not all of them, are on the computer during classroom time e-mailing each other or not in the classroom at all. I used to volunteer but got tired of watching and listening to students being made fun of by the teachers.

P&G allegations

I WOULD like to comment on the racial allegations against Procter & Gamble. P&G has a strict policy against any type of discrimination, and all employees take many types of training about diversity and teamwork. I have been with the company for over 20 years and have never seen any other company match their record for inclusiveness. I would welcome the FBI's involvement with the allegations. I believe everyone involved with the allegations should be interviewed, including the people making the allegations.

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