Speak Out 8/17/08

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More drilling refining

WHEN THE Democrats don't allow drilling for oil where there is oil and don't allow new refineries to be built when they are needed, don't act surprised when there is not enough oil or gasoline and the prices are bid up by the forces of supply and demand. If you allow more drilling and a refinery or two, there will be a larger supply, and prices will come down.

Down the tubes

WITH ALL these NCAA investigations, how is it that Southeast Missouri State University athletic director Don Kaverman hasn't been fired? What about university president Ken Dobbins? SEMO athletics have gone down the tubes, yet athletics received an $800,000 increase this year.

Oversold seats

I WENT to the Sikeston Rodeo. By continuing to sell tickets throughout the show, rodeo officials obviously oversold the seating. It was impossible to walk to a concession stand or the restroom because there were so many people standing. If you got up, you lost your seat. This is not only rude to people who got there on time, but very unsafe. Surely this breaks fire and safety rules.

Extra credit

I HAVE three children in the Jackson School District. Extra credit is given in math, English and science classes for things like bringing boxes of tissues and other supplies for the classroom, attending sporting events, parents' attendance at open house and parent-teacher conferences and other things. None of these things, which can positively influence my children's grades, are an indicator of their ability in these subjects. Last year my daughter's advanced English teacher gave extra credit if a parent read a book and wrote a book report. Extra credit, if allowed, should only be on work that has something to do with that subject.

Something to celebrate

HERE'S A summary of what I have learned in Speak Out over the past few days: American is going down the toilet, and it is the fault of Jimmy Carter, gays, unions and recycling. Never mind the $9 trillion deficit brought to us by leaders in both parties, along with the crumbling education system and comical elected officials in our own county. At least we can forget our troubles by dancing around the soon-to-be-constructed Rush Limbaugh statue.

To the wolves

THE SITUATION in former Soviet Georgia is serious. I'm afraid will ultimately lead us to pressure Georgia's democratically elected president to resign while giving us credible deniability so we can say that we had nothing to do with throwing him to the wolves.

Let the bikers pay

CAPE GIRARDEAU voters approved a sales-tax increase to pay for park and recreation projects. I heard $20,000 will be spent for signs asking motorists to "Share the road" with bicycle riders. I don't recall being told, prior to the sales-tax vote, that any funds would be used for these signs. Let the bikers pay for the signs. Vehicle owners pay fuel tax, fees for licenses and fees to inspect our vehicle, but the bike riders pay nothing. It is time the bikers pay their fair share. I would guess that when I take my grandchildren to the new water park that it will not be free. I will have to pay. Why don't bikers have to pay? The $20,000 is just a start. Someone has to pay to put up and maintain the signs. Let's ask the bikers to pay up, and don't ask me share the road with these road hogs.

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