Sunday, August 17, 2008

Robert Greable, 60, of Marble Hill.

Arnetha Barnett, 55, of Sandusky, Ill.

Van Miller Jr., 54, of Mounds, Ill.

Rev. Mack Williams, 73, of Jackson.

Patsy Hastings, 75, of Marble Hill.

John Moore, 53, of Cape Girardeau.

Mayumi Rampley, 56, of Jackson.

Ronald Jansen, 66, of Leopold.

Wilber Statler, 81, of Perryville.

Lauretta Wright, 94, of Pulaski, Ill.

Beulah Hoffman, 92, of Perryville.

Linda Ziegler, 92, of Benton.

Billy Dodson, 94, of Benton.

Gregg Jobe, 39, of Chaffee.

Daisy Angle, 92, of Jackson.

Donna Pippin, 56, of Cape Girardeau.

Edna McCulley, 75, of Scott City.

Linda Ruessler, 52, of Perryville.

Jackie Evans, 67, of Cobden, Ill.

Marvin Lagrand, 79, of Chaffee.

George Westland Sr., 84, of Memphis, Tenn.

Mildred Thiele, 90, of Cape Girardeau.

Donna Pippin, 56, of Cape Girardeau.

Anita Gosnell, 93, of Chaffee.

June Brockmeier, 81, of St. Louis.

Velma Cook, 76, of Marble Hill.

Joy Bostian, 78, of Anna, Ill.

Van Lingle, 94, of Dongola, Ill.

Lenard Myrick, 81, of Cape Girardeau.

Thomas Huron, 81, of Cape Girardeau.

Willie Dempsey, 65, of Jefferson City.

Dorothy Kent, 75, of Sikeston.

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