Speak Out 8/16/08

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jefferson's excellence

WE HAVE two children in the Cape Girardeau School District. I couldn't tell you what the MAP scores are for either of them. We don't care. We do care about what grades they are making individually. I couldn't pass a MAP test. My children went to Jefferson Elementary School, and we loved the teachers. They did an excellent job. Once the kids get to fifth grade, they are all in one school. The hoopla over Jefferson makes it look like the kids cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

Traffic hazard

YOU HEAR a lot of complaints about traffic and phones and driving. My complaint is about a mailbox that blocks your view of oncoming traffic.

Good example

THERE'S A reason all the cars overseas are so minuscule. It's because gas is $7 plus a gallon. People overseas also know how to walk, bicycle or ride scooters or mules. They've done this for a long time. Instead of bullheadedly clinging to our SUVs and pickups, driving our nation into an obscure, debt-ridden eyesore, let's take a few lessons from our neighbors overseas. They've survived that way for hundreds of years.

Possible landslide

DAVID LIMBAUGH knows quite well that national polls concerning presidential wannabes are not nearly so significant as state-by-state polls and the resulting electoral vote each candidate receives. Though Limbaugh focuses on the closeness of the national popular vote (something that will with little doubt turn out to be true), he fails to tell you that in the current electoral vote projections Barack Obama leads John McCain by about a 2-1 ratio. This could mean that Obama will end up with around 300 electoral votes to McCain's 230-something. Though there's a long way to go and a lot can and will happen, that would be a landslide.

Dropping prices

SINCE THE price of a barrel of oil has dropped to around $115, why have we not seen the same percentage drop in local gasoline prices?

Possible sanctions

MORLEY SWINGLE, Cape Girardeau County prosecuting attorney, represents the county. Two employees of the county had sexual-harassment claims against the county. Swingle does not represent these employees. Nevertheless, Swingle sent these persons a letter saying they did not have a valid claim and that no action would be taken. Swingle is not a judge and does not have the authority to make that decision. Furthermore, he should not have used his position to give these employees the false impression that they cannot make a claim against the county. It seems to me that Swingle made three huge mistakes that could cost him his career. First, he gave these employees the impression that he was representing them and not the county. Second, he gave them the impression that he had the authority to decide the matter, which he does not. Finally, he abused his power as prosecuting attorney to gain a favorable outcome for the county. Shouldn't local judges look into this matter for possible sanctions?

Good day for Post 3838

PETE RHODES is back in action at our post, and we could not be happier. We would like to thank him for his many years of service. Great job, Pete, we have been behind you all the way. We know your heart, soul, guidance and great business sense have always been there for our post, our veterans and families as well as our community. Cape Girardeau has the largest VFW post in the state and is ranked as one of the top posts in the nation. Thanks to all those at the VFW for making the right moves. Good always prevails.

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