Good deed: Emergency worker with multiple jobs volunteers too

Friday, August 15, 2008

Billy Crump volunteers for Scott City Fire Department 15 days a month while holding a full time position as paramedic/firefighter for the city of Cape Girardeau and a part time position at the North Scott County Ambulance district as paramedic.

That amounts to a monthly average of 10 twenty four hour shifts at Cape Girardeau, five 24 hour shifts at North Scott County Ambulance and volunteer hours that can add up to about 20 per week.

Crump said, "I think everybody should give back to the community and this is what I like to do. The need is there and I enjoy the work."

Crump, father of three, explained that while everyone is in bed he does volunteer administrative work but the job also entails training and carrying a pager to answer emergency calls.

Crump grew up around firefighting and began when he was 16. "My father was the fire chief of Scott City before I was born and I spent weekends at the fires station in Scott City during my school years."

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