Letter to the Editor

Islamic expansion presents dangers

Friday, August 15, 2008

To the editor:

In response to R. Joe Sullivan's Aug. 13 Opinion-page column "Geography lessons": He objects to people's condemnation of Islam, which he feels is not apropos due to our lack of understanding of their view on life.

Sullivan is undoubtedly aware that throughout most of recorded history the Muslims have openly avowed their intent to rule the world. In the 700s they had conquered most of Europe, and if not for Charles Martel defeating them at the Battle of Tours around A.D. 730, all of Europe would have fallen to Islam. It was well-known at that time that the Muslim intent was to stamp out Christendom.

Fanatics rule Islam, stating that non-Muslims are dogs, undeserving to share thew world with those of the "true religion" and openly vowing to destroy the Western world. Their intentions should be clear, even to the most naive of us.

I worked in a diplomatic capacity at embassies in Asia and Europe and had some experience with the "moderate" element of Islam. What a misnomer. The millions of Muslims who have infiltrated this country and western Europe lay the foundation for insurrection once their leaders declare war on us innocents. People whose true allegiance is to Allah and not the country they live in present problems of virtually insurmountable proportions.

Molders of public opinion would do well to heed the danger presented by unrestrained Islamic expansion and educate the public before we cross the Rubicon. We may be there now.

BILL ASHCRAFT, Overland Park, Kan.