Letter to the Editor

Let's find way to save music festival

Thursday, September 2, 2004

To the editor:

I disagree with Doc Cain. I know of at least five people who have offered to help or take over the responsibility of the City of Roses Festival this year. Each has some wonderful ideas to make this year better than last year. The idea of not having a celebrity musical act this year came from an outcry of local musical groups for more focus on the talent that exists in this area. It was a suggestion to help minimize cost for this year's festival in the hope that the bands that performed might receive some compensation (whether in awards, gift certificates or cash).

It is my opinion that Bill Shivelbine should take control of the festival again before it gets out of hand and the residents of this area, once again, lose out on a community event. We've already lost Riverfest. What else do we have to sacrifice?

LeANN LUCAS, Cape Girardeau