Kennett mayor lays out what vehicles are and are not legal on city streets

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

KENNETT, Mo. — Following a recent city council meeting, citizens have become concerned with the use of motorized bicycles, manual or powered wheelchairs, and all-terrain vehicles within the city of Kennett.

In response to the residents’ questions and concerns, Mayor Roger Wheeler went on the record Monday to clear things up and specify what vehicles do or do not apply to his recent request of the Kennett Police Department concerning issuing warnings and citations to those who do not comply with current ordinances or state laws regarding the use of such vehicles.

"There was no discussion about motorized bicycles," Wheeler noted for the record.

"Motorized bicycles under 50cc, by law, can be operated, the only requirement being you have to have insurance and a driver’s license, and you have to be 16 years old to get one."

According to Wheeler, wheel chairs and power chairs are just like pedestrians and they need to operate like pedestrians.

"They have to face ongoing traffic. They must travel on the left side of the street facing ongoing traffic. They cross at cross walks, they do not jaywalk, and they do not drive down the center lane," Wheeler explained.

Wheeler added that four wheelers are not "road ready" vehicles.

According to the Mayor, if the all-terrain vehicles are equipped with signal lights, headlights and brake lights, and the person driving them has a valid driver’s license then they can be on the highway.

"Golf carts, no way, are they road ready vehicles," Wheeler continued.

"I appreciate that everyone is stressed for gas. But the less we do, unless we make sure that we are being responsible city leaders then we can’t do anything about it."

Missouri Statute 300.010 gives definitions of legal vehicles and what vehicles are accepted, Wheeler said.

"It is not my intent to keep anyone off the city streets. I want our streets to be safe. Anyone with a driver’s license, insurance and a licensed vehicle can have at it.

"As for wheel chairs and power chairs, they are legal. They just need to act like a pedestrian.

"Help keep the rest of us safe. Don’t make us hit you because you are doing something wrong."

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