Speak Out 9/1/04

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Donors paid for DARE car

HOW IGNORANT these people are who complain about the DARE car. What part of "donation" do they not understand? Officer Jeff and students have sold doughnuts, and businesses have donated money. You can't hire police officers on donations.

Better movie reviews

I'VE BEEN reading your "Everybody's a critic" column in the Arts & Leisure section Fridays. I really wish you'd give the critics more instructions and do better editing of their critiques. One reviewer wrote an outstanding critique of the quality of the movie. The other contributors tell us what the movie is about. We already know what the movie's about. We want to know how good it is.

No carnival town

CAPE GIRARDEAU, with its historical heritage of Lorimier, Lewis and Clark, the Red House and Civil War history, should be part of a complete restoration along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. Gaslight poles, cobblestone streets and restored buildings would honor a proud city with its ancient church on the river. It should not be made into a carnival town, a mockery of its heritage.

Positive relationship

THE PURPOSE of the DARE car is to grab the kids' attention and get them interested in being drug free. Police are able to develop a positive relationship with these kids. I see these relationships being built every day. If you ever get a chance, observe other cities around the state. You'll find that the cities provided their police with a DARE car. Then realize that Cape's DARE car was no expense to the city, thanks to fund raising and the generosity of many local businesses. Kudos to our DARE program.

Stopping at signals

I'VE LIVED in many cities across the country and have yet to see traffic signals so messed up as Cape Girardeau's. Going east or west on Broadway, you have to stop at every single light. I've never seen more than two cars at Caruthers and Broadway, but I have to stop for the phantom vehicles on Caruthers every day while the Broadway travelers are seven or eight cars deep. It's ridiculous.

Regional pride

THE CAPE Girardeau Chamber of Commerce's 12th annual BBQ Fest was held this past weekend. Kudos to the chamber for naming the contest in such a manner as to properly stress unity and regional pride. As a resident of Sikeston, I am offended by the name of the local barbecue contest held annually around the time of the Jaycee Rodeo. It is affectionately called the Redneck barbecue contest, a name only a redneck could love. This name stresses divisiveness. They may be proud to be rednecks, but many of us resent being painted with such a broad brush.

Sticking to basics

I'D LIKE to thank the committee that's attempting to revamp the City of Roses Festival. I am a huge supporter of local music and encourage everyone to get out the weekend of Sept. 24-25. It is good to see someone bringing it back to the basics. This fest is about the talent that abounds in Cape Girardeau, not seeing what tired nationally recognized acts we can pull in. To Doc Cain and others, I say "Hooray!"

Judging mistakes

WHAT A sad day it is for the Olympics when a gold-medal winner is asked to give his medal away because judges made mistakes. What about others in the history of the Olympics who should have scored higher and were cheated out of their scores? Judges are human, but let's quit the politics.

Out-of-touch board

I AM a teacher in the Cape Girardeau School District, and I am saddened and appalled that our superintendent would be given a nonrenewal notice without any input or evaluation by the 600-plus employees he leads. I have found Mark Bowles to be sensitive and open to teacher concerns. My colleagues are as puzzled and hurt as I am. The board is not operating in the realm of reality. Teachers are currently working for less salary and benefits and dealing with more students, and now there is this major event staged by a board that has no idea what it has actually done. God help us all.

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