Abstract international exposure

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

by Bryan Parker

When dreaming of their futures, different children's dreams and aspirations often change from day to day. For abstract artist Kristopher Naeger, there was no other thought going through his mind.

"As a child, painting was the only thing that I can remember ever wanting to do. I've always had the ambition to express my thoughts, feelings, and life experiences through my art work," explained Kristopher, "putting my feelings into each piece is what makes them unique."

Naeger has exhibited his abstract paintings in several shows, most recently at the H&H building in Cape Girardeau. "I utilize bright, bold colors and shapes because that is how life is, many different colors, many different emotions. I don't want to tell people what to think or feel with my art. I want to encourage them to create their own original thoughts, ideas, and opinions."

Naeger has sold many of his pieces to different private individuals and collectors. "It seems that the more I paint, the more in demand the paintings are. I sold 30 different paintings in 2003 alone." He mentioned that he felt fortunate to be able to make a living doing what he loves.

Even though the sales of his paintings have been great, Kristopher insists that the artistic merit of his work lies in his love for abstract art and being able to communicate his feelings and life through that art. "Many people in my position would take advantage of the sales and just paint anything for the buck. My paintings are my life. They tell the story of my life and how I view life. If an art admirer merely wants to purchase a piece because it's just 'pretty', then I tend to not be very motivated to sell the painting. I want the people who hang the art work in their homes or businesses to do so because it facilitated an original thought or emotion of their own."

The bright, bold colors in Kristopher's work come from many motivating factors. "I paint life and how I perceive life. I have been influenced by many different scenic areas, including the Caribbean and Key West." He has gone as far as taking digital pictures in order to keep those color memories in mind.

Naeger's next major show will be taking his work to Costa Rica in December for an exhibit in the Gallery Jawaye Iowja. The entire trip will consist of receptions, seminars, and public showings centered around his artwork. His work will also be featured at the International Festival of Youth Expression. During this time, mailings of Kristopher's art will be distributed to several important contacts in the art world, as well as a half dozen key European museums. "This trip will definitely be major exposure for my paintings and my artistic style."

Even with this pending international exposure and success, the 27 year old Cape Girardeau native still realizes the importance of promoting his art form."I am in the process of organizing a show of local abstract artist to feature the talent that truly exist in this area. Especially in abstract art, many artists need the opportunity to exhibit their artwork and express their own feelings or ideas on canvas"

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