The Zone Insider

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

by Tabitha Thompson

Zone Insider here.....well, I'm filling in as The Zone Insider this month. Looks like this may turn into a rotating column between The Zone jocks. Nothing wrong with a little diversity.

This month's Zone Insider is dedicated to The Indie Zone's Back 2 School Bash that took place on August 28th at The Camp. The place was PACKED! The bands were great!

Tone Def All-Stars took the stage first playing the crowds favorites "Hooray, Hooray" "You're Too Skinny...." and more. My favorite part of their show was when Darren whipped out his trombone! It was wild, people dancing and standing in their chairs.

They were followed by a band from St. Louis called Fragile Porcelain Mice. I went to high school with a couple of these guys and knew their performance would rock, and it did! Scott (vocalist) worked the crowd hard. His energetic frontmanship, seducing poses and power vocals had a large portion of the crowd wanting more.

Then we had the 3 piece band from Cape that everyone loves to hate or maybe hates to love....Squadcar! Some of the first words to come from singer/guitarist, Sensei John Kreese, while on stage was "Are you ready to rock CAPE GIRARDEAU!!!!!" And that they were! While playing, Matt - Bassist of Squadcar, fell off the stage. However, he's recovering well! It just shows that they're a band that will deliver 110% to their audience.

The night ended with one of my favorite bands in the area "Steerjockey". The speedpunk guitar riffs, the catchy songs (I have yet to hear a Steerjockey song longer that 2:10) and the smoke stacks.....and the smoke stacks! It was an awesome show, just what I would expect from Steerjockey.

In case you missed the show here are some pictures from that memorable night. If you did go, enjoy the flashback! Pictures courtesy of Pat Bond of Backwards Logic Productions. I encourage you to check out all these bands for yourself.

Special thanks to Bob Camp for letting us take over his place for the night. I also want to thank co-organizer Earl Roper, CEO of Save Yourself Records. It was Earl's vision and guidance that helped make this show a huge success proving that Cape wants to and can ROCK!

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