Letter to the Editor

Festival needs Christian music too

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

To the editor:

I'm writing in response to your article regarding the shrinkage of the City of Roses downtown music festival. Since I'm a native of Southeast Missouri and a Southeast Missouri State University graduate. I found this article captured my attention. I have my full-time real-world job but also play drums for a modern worship/rock band Greyskyblue based in Kirksville, Mo. We travel Missouri and the surrounding area and provide our musical talents to worship, concerts, youth camps and festivals. We are always looking for opportunities to share Christ through our music.

The reason this article captured my attention was this: Why isn't there a category for Christian artists? I know there are people who want to hear from God through music. Many need to hear this. Has there ever been consideration of adding this category?

Based upon the budget restraints, I would bet the festival's organizers would love to hear what we charge: next to nothing, and sometimes nothing. To have a successful, broad interest festival, more than three genres need to be presented. Maybe someday this will happen.

ROWE ARENDS, Jefferson City, Mo.