Letter to the Editor

Water park would bring money here

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

To the editor:

Why doesn't the city use the surplus from the hotel-restaurant tax to build a water park? Our young people need a place to go for recreation, and they don't need to take their money to Poplar Bluff or Fredericktown. Cape Girardeau needs something for families to do things together. I personally wanted the old seminary to be a museum with some sort of entertainment on the premises. Cape couldn't afford to do that, but now it is pouring money into the River Campus project. If Poplar Bluff and Fredericktown can build a water park, why not Cape? What is Cape waiting for? If Jackson builds one, then where would money be spent? Wake up, Cape, and think about tourism as a way to attract the people who live here as well as the area counties.

PAT KAISER, Cape Girardeau