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Speak Out 8/6/08

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vote for school safety

I HAVE worked for the Delta School District for nearly 30 years. It is important to get a new, safe school free of asbestos. Asbestos was always a problem for anything that could puncture the ceiling, whether it be a pencil or a flag staff. If observed by the teacher, the teacher could report it and the area could be repainted. If not, nothing would be done. Please, everyone vote yes for this issue for the health of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Light-bulb caper

THE PAPER reported a burglary on South Benton Street. The only thing listed stolen was a light bulb. Now you know: Nothing is safe. Nothing is safe. Guard your light bulbs with your life.

Scoring discrepancy

AS A Jackson resident and parent of children in Jackson public schools, there's something about the MAP scores story that bothers me. So many of our schools are not doing well. The middle school isn't doing well. The junior high school failed in a couple of areas. The high school didn't show progress. Yet every time the honor rolls are published in the paper, the list of our children who are making the honor roll is huge, it's never-ending. Why are so many of our children making all As and Bs, yet they are barely getting by on the MAP test? That doesn't make any sense. Maybe teachers give good grades to keep parents off their back. Maybe the grades our children are getting aren't truly an indicator of what they're able to do.

Surviving graduates

I FEEL fortunate and humbly blessed to have been a graduate of Jackson High School. I was also the only member there of the oldest graduating class of 1933 at the all-school reunion. I'm sure there are a few others away from here. I know of one. Vern would have been here if he could have been. Not many remember us 93-year-oldies. Yes, we are survivors.

Scary situation

I WAS approached by a man who had an "I am mute" card several years ago at a store, I read the card and walked away. The man followed me, waving his hands. He ran in front of me and pointed at the card. I handed it back to him, and the man was flaying his arms around in anger. I was a single woman in a parking lot, and I can honestly say I was scared. I don't think people should be harassed by other people trying to make a fast buck. There are government agencies that help the disabled.

Biker support

VIET NOW held a poker run recently. Only twenty-four motorcycles participated. We bikers can do a better job by participating. Show up next weekend at the Bayou for a good run.

Carter Street

CHECK THE map in Cape Girardeau. There has been a Carter Street in Cape Girardeau for many years. It intersects with West End Boulevard just south of Bertling Street. My wife lived on Carter Street during her childhood for many years. Fortunately, it was not named after the failed president.

Rush's longevity

CONGRATULATIONS TO Rush Limbaugh for receiving a whopping amount of money and a significant contract extension. Rush is worth every penny of it, particularly to progressive Democrats. Though his entertainment value is priceless, Rush's political influence peaked in the mid-1990s but has been waning ever since as a kind of anti-Rush counterrevolution set in and continues to this day. Never mind, though. Rush will be on the radio forever, and I do mean forever, since he has vowed to stay on until every American agrees with him.

Backside boils

THERE WILL always be members of certain law enforcement agencies who will act as boils on the backsides of their respective organizations, but these incidents are normally isolated. It is also my belief that what goes around comes around and will eventually come back to bite those who contribute to gross injustice.

Bush secrecy

WHY ARE you guys so hung up on trying to see to it that the Sunshine Law is strictly obeyed at the state and local level? Since the Bush administration is without doubt the most illegally secretive administration in U.S. history, your editorial efforts should be directed there.

Broken system

LESSER BUT still loaded radio talk show host Mark Levine recently publicly thanked Rush Limbaugh for offering to get the best health care possible for him when he had a heart attack. That the non-needy Levine was afforded a luxury that would be denied millions of uninsured and poorly insured Americans speaks volumes as to how broken our health-care system is.

Hot potato

MODERATES AND other nonradicals should monitor the Michael Savage radio talk show. When he crosses the line by referring to 99 percent of children diagnosed with autism as "morons" and "brats" and says that all they need is a strong father figure who will use discipline in order to straighten them out, Savage needs to be held accountable. In this instance, the fact that he chose children as his target should mean that sponsors and radio stations drop him like a hot potato.

Right-side museum

WE SHOULD all put aside our partisan political differences and wish Rush Limbaugh a happy 20th anniversary for hosting his radio talk show on AM radio. One of his colleagues was referred to by Gary Rust as saying Limbaugh is another Mark Twain or Will Rogers. If that is the case, Cape Girardeau officials have been woefully lacking in embracing the lovable fuzzball and should proceed forthwith to begin planning construction of a Rush Limbaugh Museum to be built somewhere on the (of course) right side of town.

Harassment mess

SEXUALLY HARASSED? If you obtain a copy of Southeast Missouri State University's policy on sexual harassment and use it as a template, you'll find that the women in the auditor's office are correct. If Cape Girardeau County had a policy in place, you wouldn't need Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle to determine if someone should "forgive and forget." This isn't about Auditor David Ludwig. It's about a professional office setting and applying zero tolerance for all who work there. To "forgive and forget" for the sake of the county? What about the integrity of these women and whatever's left of Ludwig's integrity after all this mess?

Makes you wonder

IF SOMEONE once as honorable as Morley Swingle, Cape Girardeau County prosecuting attorney, can become involved in unseemly county business, then God only knows what the rest of them are doing.

Tax proposal

FORGET ABOUT a casino in Cape Girardeau. It is a pipe dream that is doomed. If we need revenue, either raise or lower taxes.

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Scary situation

Yeah right, I'm disabled and have been for 15 years. The Agencies that are supposed to Help people like me like SSI, SDI so much as tell me to GTH. Its not like I just want to lay around and collect a disability check for a few hundred bucks a month, I went from 40k a year to zippo over night, yeah right there are agencies out there, they're called bankruptcy lawyers.

Biker support

I might have went to this but anyone who read the flyer knows why most of us did not. Next time someone with at least a 5th grade education needs to print the flyers. The sad thing is AMVETS got the short end of the stick for someone else's screw-up.

-- Posted by hotshot202 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:48 AM

good morning

disability -- 2 year waiting period , first request

is always rejected . it is a long time to go with

out income ...

Cardinals 6 , Los Angeles 4

-- Posted by ..Rick on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 7:21 AM

Disability...not ALWAYS a two year waiting period, if you have a relative in government who can help push it through quicker.

-- Posted by sosassy on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 7:34 AM

I realize that this is not a web log and 'Speak Out' can be just that. But to blindly brand our current administration as illegally secretive is just wrong. Can you imagine, in this day and age, with the predator opposition party existing only to campaign for re-election by character assassination, allowing anything illegal to go unchallenged. Actually the opposite is true. Say what you want about the Bush administration, speak out freely because you can, this is one of the least corrupt governments in memory and George W. Bush is one of the strongest leaders of the free world in years. Discuss openly among yourselves.

And the casino thing. Lowering taxes?? Funny. A casino in Cape would be perfect. It would attract folks to Cape, it would feature the riverfront and support our wonderful downtown. Nationally based operations such as Ameristar develop wonderfully attactive venues with restaurants and professional entertainment. How about a downtown hotel? Yes gambling, wagering, game playing presents some challenges, but having a casino, with it's revenues and jobs is a far greater asset than the issues that accompany it. Again, look beyond the headlines and support the greater good.

-- Posted by blogbudsman on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 8:27 AM

Right on John in Jackson

-- Posted by FreedomFadingFast on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:20 AM


Yesterday the email that you were wonder the validity on is not. I recieved it two weeks ago and checked it on snoops dot com. There are a varity of letters that fit the same mode of ignoring the troops and liberal bashing.

As you know, I am no lib, but fair is fair. So I just wanted to put it out there.

I'd rather beat someone's argument through wit, humor, and my own intellect. Lying doesn't bode well with me. But if I'm on the ropes, a knock to the Brain Box helps put my point across.

Tee Hee!

-- Posted by fajar154 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:21 AM

You know, if they would compare apples to apples you might see some differences in MAP scores. My understanding is that they compare this year's class to the previous year. So, for example, the 2008 class was compared to the 2007 class. How in the world is that a fair assessment of progress? It seems to me the better idea would be to compare the 2008 class to how they achieved in 2007. Did scores go up, down, stay the same as the previous year? Otherwise, you're dealing with 2 different classes, with different dynamics. It seems it would be difficult to get accurate statistics when you compare apples with oranges.

-- Posted by concernedincape on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:22 AM

Hey John in Jackson,

Why don't you set up a company to hire all these supposed fakers. You could set up an empllyment agency and convince business owners to hire these people because they are all so productive. Just because someone can sit in a bass boat does not mean they can be gainfully employed.

-- Posted by SWBG on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:30 AM

IF Missouri ever became an educational leader instead of chronically landing in the high 40s (concerning education-related issues), they would discard MAP, discard letter grades and base student achievement on competency profiles. High school seniors that are college-bound would take the ACT as and exit assessment. All others would/could qualify for Missouri's Workplace Readiness Credential. See details here:


-- Posted by RocketSurgeon on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:33 AM

Scary situation

Should have wrote on his sign "I Don't Care!"

Kind of on the same subject...

A lady came up to me at a gas station and stated that she over filled her car an needed a dollar. She wasn't very nice or apathetic (wrong choice of words) but she looked like she was in a hurry so I gave her the buck and finished filling my truck. After, I went to the Mickey Dees drive through to order my two Breakfast Burritos. Low and behold the same lady was just in line picking up a large order to go.

Now I'm not saying that circumstances don't arise for different situations each needing their own seperate resolution, but I got hosed!

Bunch of CR*P!

Plus she was rather large too. So my extra dollar is paying for her extra gas to transport her extra tonage! Sorry about the last part. Still a little ticked off.

-- Posted by fajar154 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:34 AM

I don't know why Jackson MAP scores are so low because the teachers put a lot of planning and preparing for test. I made A's and B's at Jackson, took AP classes and I did fine on the MAP test. Some students may have anxiety issues too. My sister made herself so sick when she took the ACT/SAT. She is a smart girl but the scores didn't reflect that. Every child is different and test like the MAP test are not the best way to "grade" our children on what they are learning.

-- Posted by lovemyfamily on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:35 AM


Here's a link from the MODESE web page with sample questions for the MAP test. I was in high school when MAP testing was first implemented and can remember the poor attitude students and teachers had in regards to this test. I started college as an education major, and one of the "tools" the professors showed us were the sample questions. They were intended to educate us to what the expectations would be for the students. If we want to better understand the difference between the grades vs the map score compare the homework questions students get to the type of questions on the MAP test. At one point I compared the homework questions from a local middle school to the MAP questions for that grade level. At that time the wording was very different and the test was not multiple choice as it is now. So many factors could be playing a role in the students inability to meet the standards of this test.

-- Posted by hiddenthoughts101 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 12:03 PM

Oil down to $117.50. Will it be under $100 by Labor Day or will it spike back up due to the anticipation of increase in travelers?

-- Posted by SWBG on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 12:31 PM


i wonder if oil was inflated just for the

summer vacation season .

i hope this will trickle down to the pump price ...

-- Posted by ..Rick on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 12:40 PM

Honor Rolls

So what percentages are transferred to letter grades now? When I was in grade and high school in order to make an A you had to make 95% to 100%. B was 90% to 95%. C was 85% to 90%.

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 12:56 PM


I have been disabled for forty years, but I fell down every darned hill and tripped over every curb on the SEMO campus until I got an education so I could get a job. I could have gotten disability, but I wanted a job. I worked for over thirty years and had a satisfying career. I have a family member who goes to work every day in a wheel chair. There are a lot of disabled people who can get out and get a job if they have the determination to ******* their behinds and get an education, training or are willing to work at a job “below their standards”. There are, however, many who can’t. I don’t feel qualified to and refuse to make judgments on others.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 12:57 PM

Oh, I forgot g.e.t.o.f.f is a bad word.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 1:00 PM

Light-bulb Caper

Well, yeah...If it was one of the incandescent bulbs that will apparently soon be banned...They could eventually be collectors' items, you know. j/k

Hate to mention it, but isn't it odd that the government, attempting to protect us against any and all dangers, would ban mercury thermometers, and now insist that we use light bulbs containing mercury?

Sort of along that line: LA approved a year-long moratorium on new fast-food restaurants (recalling, too, things like trans-fat bans in some places)--One person commented: "What's next? Security guards at the door saying, 'You're overweight--you can't have a cheeseburger'?" Hmm, could be...as long as the general population allows us to gradually and insidiously keep moving toward an Orwellian Society.

-- Posted by gurusmom on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 1:32 PM

Biker support-don't know what the run is for but it's worth going to the Bayou for the crawfish boil, and crawfish tails, and alligator....mmmm.

-- Posted by outnabout on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 1:54 PM

GurusMom: Since when did government ever make sense? It does however have many defenders of its Idiocy.

-- Posted by BCStoned on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 1:58 PM

And where is this Bayou?

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 2:17 PM


As a girl from LA, you should know where the Bayou is. haha

Couldn't resist the easy funny, just razzing you Babe.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 2:22 PM

There are plenty of other reasons not to vote for Obama.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 2:48 PM


I agree, I had received that email myself previously and in all honesty did not pay much attention to it. I don't place much stock in these types of trips anyway as they are all too often so closely managed and choreographed. It wouldn't have changed my mind if he had shaken hands with every soldier in sight. I think he is probably a good, well meaning man who is trying his best. I just disagree with him politically.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:02 PM

Thanks, recording it to watch later.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:07 PM


No problem. Like I said last night, if it had come from your nephew I wouldn't have questioned it. And yes, as with all canidates, there are many reasons for a person not to vote for them. But there are reasons to vote for them as well.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:13 PM

Not good ones.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:18 PM

I would ask how anyone can feel comfortable voting for

John or Obama?Is this the best the Demopublicans have to offer?I am quickly understanding why Hilleco prefers

to stay at home on election day come Nov.

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:25 PM


I cannot enthusiastically support anyone running for president. I will probably vote, but I sure don't like the choices. While I think I understand Hilleco to some extent, I am not yet willing to go that far. I may be at some point, but not just yet.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:29 PM


Well, darn...I can't really remember government doing much that made sense...But I do seem to recall the Defenders of Idiocy quite a few times...sigh


It rather surprised me almost to the point of suspecting that McCain ended up being the Rep. candidate...thinking it seemed like they needed a 'throw-away' candidate because they believed at the beginning that HRC would be the opposition, & would possibly have won the election against any other candidate--in view of the females who would vote for a woman just because of gender (& apparently that was true in the primaries). IMO, going to be a real tough choice for some to make come November.

-- Posted by gurusmom on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:37 PM

Make no mistake ya'l,the Wolf will vote.However,I will not vote for either of these boys.

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 3:51 PM

GREYWOLF: I still haven't decided on whether to vote or not, but if I do, I will vote for Baldwin running on the Constitution Party ticket. I will vote my principles as a Ron Paulian anti-fascist.

-- Posted by BCStoned on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:06 PM

Oh lord love a duck....we're down to the wire here and some are still pouting and sulking because their candidate or party didn't survive the cut. Pull up your socks and face the fact that either Obama or McCain will be elected to the office of President of the United States of America. Neither staying at home or throwing away your vote on a third party will change that fact. If yall want to be part of the process then do so. If you don't then please don't complain after the election.

Let's Roll!

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:07 PM

Broken system

"the best healthcare possible...a luxury that would be denied millions..." The kind of health care that this statement refers to represents a high and pricey standard, which when expected by all Americans is not achievable or reasonable. I do not know of anyone who has no access to medical care in this fine country. Many of us can afford some level of care out of pocket without relying upon the government or a middle (and expensive) man, i.e. insurance companies. It seems that the real issue is that we want what we cannot afford and expect somebody else to pay for it, namely Uncle Sam. Using a more trivial example may help to clarify my point. Most Americans can afford clothes, even if we purchase some of them in thrift shops or at yard sales, we generally do not do without clothes. Very few of us can afford, neither do we want, expensive designer clothing. Granted there are a few amongst us who need help to acquire even the most basic necessities, but nobody is arguing that we should all have designer clothing and if we cannot all have d.c., then the industry that provides clothing is broken. Generally Americans struggle with too much, not too little, and that includes too much health care!

However, we all can have better health by making better choices in what we eat, how much we eat, and how much we exercise. The opportunity to take care of our own bodies is free and so is much of the information on how to do so. (A site to go to for such free info is drmcdougall.com.) We tend to want the medical professsion and the government to do for us what we can, but will not do for ourselves. Ultimately no medical intervention, no matter how excellent, will save us. That is another aspect of living we also need to reclaim for ourselves: how we approach the final days of living or the dying process. We spend way too many medical resources on bodies that will never function normally again due to old age. There is a reasonable level of care that can be given, without spending megabucks unneccessarily. Kindness and comfort, as in hospice, not as in mercy killing, are much more appropriate than expensive surgeries.

I am greatful for the medical care I received as a young child and young adult, but my needs have changed with my age and responsibilities. Just as I need fewer calories, I want less medical intervention, even though a case could be made for more and better m.i.by claiming that the medical system is broken.

-- Posted by Bloom_where_planted. on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:11 PM


The Bayou is a Bar and grill in Pocohontas and they have some tasty cajun food.

-- Posted by outnabout on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:24 PM

Babe: I'm not sulking or pouting. I'm just saying that Democrats and Republicans by choosing the candidates that they did declared that they did not want my vote. The Constitution Party does.

You know that a principled American cannot vote for someone that they consider fascist, or using a milder label, mercantilist.

What do you consider wasting a vote? Would that be a German voting against Hitler, Soviets voting against Stalin, or Italians voting against Musolini?

-- Posted by BCStoned on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:39 PM

Children have changed

I heard, "Children have changed!" on a recent visit to the beauty shop and have mulled it over a few times since. We have certainly seen some changes in behavior of children attending our public schools in the past twenty years and certainly have since seen changes since we graduated high school 40 years ago. However, my conclusion is that the children of today have the same needs that children had in the 1950's or even in biblical times. They need to know where they stand and they expect to be treated fairly. We no longer have clear rules with clear consequences spelled out for school children. Worse yet, existing rules are not applied even handedly. Children are exquisitely sensitive to favoratism. Children are extremely wise at figuring out just what the "rules" may be, allbeit unwritten. They respond accordingly with behavior comensurate to the disciplinary environment, which in most schools these days is pitifilly inadequate.

-- Posted by Bloom_where_planted. on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:41 PM

The Wolf will vote for Bob Barr!

And Babe!!

Whether you can understand this or not,

By voting a third party ticket I AM NOT throwing

away a vote!I believe we have had this debate earlier.

I will defend your right to vote for whomever you wish(as a veteran I already have)and you should indeed do the same.As for knowing that Bob Barr will not win,I guess you must think the Wolf is stupid!I might be.I do however hope he can muster more than 3% of the popular vote!Now, as a conservative, I believe Bob Barr is the only true conservative running.He will receive my vote.

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:41 PM

.,normally I would not respond to any of your post.

And I don't think I will start now.Good luck however,

with your candidate of choice.

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 4:52 PM

Grading scales today

90-100 A/A-

80-89 B-/B/B+

70-79 C-/C/C+

60-69 D-/D/D+

59 and below FFFFFFFFFFFF

This is a teacher and I support this comment! Vote for me!

-- Posted by lovemyfamily on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 5:07 PM

MAP scores

Has anyone taken into consideration that some kids just do not test well no matter how hard they try. While the schools need to educate our kids as a parent I can not put the blame on a teacher or the school if my child falls behind. It is the child, the parent, the teacher and the school who are responsible not just one. Now look at the list of students on the honor roll and the number of students in the school and it isn't as high a percentage as it seems. maybe as teachers have said if the students were held accountable for the test then they and their parents might be a little more concerned about the outcome.


the grade system is 90-100 is an A.......80-89 is a B......70-79 a C......60-69 D and below 60 F.......this is the same scale they used when i was in school and my parents as well.

-- Posted by semoangel70 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 5:15 PM


Please read more carefully, I have conceded McCain is not a good candidate. As to which of the major party candidates have more reasons for a person not to vote for them, I guess that is up to the individual. You have made your hatred of McCain abundantly clear. Maybe that has clouded your judgment and maybe not. I know I don't hate anyone and hopefully never do.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 5:21 PM

Babe: Back when I went to school, instead of A, B, C, D, and F the schools that I went to had E, S, M, I, and F. I think that an E was 95 to 100, E- was 90 to 95 and so on. In college it was based on a 4.0 scale.

-- Posted by BCStoned on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 5:23 PM



-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 5:30 PM

Not saying anyone is right or wrong here but I think the scale for grades probably also depended on the location to a degree. And now that I think about it I remember my Dad saying once that they switched to the A,B,C,D F method his last couple of years in school.

It is a fact that most private schools, not all, have a higher standard and that includes grades as well.

-- Posted by semoangel70 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 5:48 PM

Right on Wolf

It always amazes me how someone can say if you don't vote rep or dem you are "throwing away your vote" what bs.

Then you have some in the camp that say if you vote for X canidate then you are just giving your vote to the other party, ie voting for Barr would help get Obama win.

I have followed Bob Barr since he was fit enough to be a REPUBLICAN in congress (1995-2003) and as far as I am concerned he has my vote come November. At least I will be voting and it is MY VOTE. He reflects what I feel many conservative republicans have felt for some time and that is the party has left us. My conscience will be clear.

On another note sure having fun with some of those people calling to ask for a political donation to the republican party. Sorry Hip National Bank is closed right now to your cause.

-- Posted by gman on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 5:54 PM


as I recall growing up in S.Carolina and Charlotte,N.C.

our grading percentages were exactly as you listed.

It should also be known that my personal grade percentage fell in that 76-84 catagory.I did however do a bit better in P.E class.By the way,I looked at

a few "sample questions" from the MAP test for 9th

graders.Somewhere in the last 39 years since 9th grade

my grade percentage has taken a terrible decline!

I now realize that in fact,I would score badly on this test...and I am not ashamed to tell any of you this!

Maybe I should enroll in some refresher courses!!

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 6:02 PM

Thank you Gman,

I agree.Bob Barr is the only true conservative running!

Your post said it much better then I did however.

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 6:07 PM

I believe that anybody who wants to be President obviously lacks the judgment to handle the job.

-- Posted by WhoKnew1 on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 7:33 PM


You may have a point, especially now.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 7:47 PM

I have a question. Why were the election results released princint by precinct for the special election of Feb. 5th for the 158th and not for the primary on yesterday. Could it be that Keefe won more votes than all three Republicans combined yesterday? Oh that's right this paper is run by the Rust family and god forbid they give a democrat his due. Same old cape, same crappy newspaper.

-- Posted by fairandbalancedincape on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 8:13 PM


I could be wrong but the difference might be that Feb election was not a primary in which the only ones running were Republican. But like I said, I could be wrong.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 8:39 PM


Sorry, but not sure what she wants for American Culture? Need more info for reasons. Though, I'm not sure Film Noir would be a good choice. You know, the femme fetal thing. lol

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 8:56 PM

Grading Scales.

Apparently, there is no nationwide scale, nor even statewide ones?

FL ... Same as survivor's (Lowered after 1987)

OH ... 100-94 A+ to A-, 93-86 B+ to B- etc.

VA ... 100-93 A+ to A-, 92-86 B+ to B- (Catholic Schools)

At some risk here, but...Generally, I find that when Babe states something as fact, it usually is.

-- Posted by gurusmom on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:07 PM


Denken Sie nicht, dass ich gehen würde soweit zu sagen, dass Baby immer stateing Tatsachen ist. Sie hat Anruf Walter Kronkite ein quack. Sie denkt, dass Cheney erotisch ist. Und sie findet, dass Obama ein Moslem ist.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:15 PM


Keeping in mind translation could be slightly different then original thought. lol

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:16 PM


Hoffnung Sie fühlt sich gut.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:23 PM


How many times do I have to tell you??? You don't p*ss me off, you just make me want to go HUH?? LMAO j/k Welcome back.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 9:58 PM


I guess that is what I was trying to ask. Having the student watch Fast Times, for example, could give the wrong idea of American High School.

That and I guess I should have asked which part of American culture does the student want to study?

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:00 PM


Oh god, then Film Noir really would not show her how to fit in. LOL

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:05 PM

how about Gone With The Wind ?

-- Posted by ..Rick on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:06 PM


You are correct and unfortunately some of my favorite movies don't always show the culture in the best light. lol

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:06 PM


Good choice. That movie shows what can be good and bad within American culture.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:08 PM

Bonjour, from Quebec. Ah, the places that the day job will take one. A blistering high of 65degF today, but with perpetual rain the entire day. Had to look at the SEMO weather report just to keep warm and dry up here :-)~

But, all seriousness aside, in regards to the scoring system - had a college prof once suggest that the tests and scoring should be rigorous enough such that the average score is around 50%. This way, have half the scoring range to rate and to separate the 'above-average' students, and the other half to rate and separate the 'below-average' students. Kind of radical, but not such a bad thought.

-- Posted by fxpwt on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:13 PM

Bear I think you need to show her what America has become and where it is heading.

1. America Freedom to Fascism (Free on Google)

2. Terror Storm (Free on Google)

3. Truth Rising (Free on Google)

3. Idiocracy

6. They Live

7. 1984

8. The Running Man

9. The Matrix

10. In Lies We Trust (Free on Google)

11. The Skulls

12. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 version)

13. Animal House

14. Wag-The-Dog

15 Capricorn One

I've got lots more, but this is a start.

-- Posted by Thought Criminal on Wed, Aug 6, 2008, at 10:42 PM

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