Out of the past 8/6/08

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

25 years ago: Aug. 6, 1983

The 153 cars that make up the late Charles N. Harris' antique automobile collection are auctioned off by Dean Kruse of Kruse International of Auburn, Ind.; the cars bring a total of $1,582,000; the top seller is a restored 1937 Bentley Drophead; it goes to Cape Girardeau physician Dr. Charles Bahn for $41,000.

An afternoon thunderstorm sweeps through the area, ending a 31-day period without any appreciable rainfall; but the 0.63 of an inch of rain doesn't end farmers' worries about their crops.

50 years ago: Aug. 6, 1958

Cape Girardeau awakens to find it has grown by about 1,800 acres, had gained a population of several hundred and had new responsibilities as a result of passage of a special annexation measure at yesterday's election by an overwhelming margin.

BENTON, Mo. -- In a major Scott County Democratic party contest in Tuesday's election, Aubrey Michael of Benton won the nomination for county collector in a field of six men; his triumph over Robert H. Capshaw, Dean Wadlington, Harry Tope, Jack Harrison and R.H. Cope is tantamount to election in November.

75 years ago: Aug. 6, 1933

The Rev. Walter E. Koepf, pastor of the English Church, United Lutheran, speaks at the union service in the evening at Common Pleas Courthouse Park, sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance.

In the absence of the pastor, the Rev. R.L. Harrell, who is on vacation in Oklahoma, Dr. Joseph A. Serena speaks at the morning services of First Christian Church; no evening services are held, the congregation joining in the union service at Courthouse Park.

100 years ago: Aug. 6, 1908

Hiram S. Doyle, for 23 years in the gentlemen's furnishing business on Main Street in Cape Girardeau, dies in the morning; he is survived by his wife; two sons, Ed and John; his half sister and half brother.

There seems to be no end to the improvements at the Bergmann-Bartels Store; not long ago an addition was built to the building, giving three large rooms for the business; now that these rooms are fully occupied, a modern accounting system, with cash carriers, will be installed.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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