Sikeston considers adding sagging pants to definition of indecent exposure

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SIKESTON, Mo. -- Sikeston may join those cities taking a stand against sagging.

Sikeston City Council members discussed during their regular meeting Monday the possibility of amending city code to further define indecent exposure and public indecency to include sagging pants.

City manager Doug Friend said the briefing was on the agenda to "get a conversation started" about individuals wearing their pants so low as to show their underpants.

"Many communities have passed an ordinance relating to that," Friend said.

Mayor Mike Marshall said he has seen "young boys, mostly" who "have to hold their britches up or they'll fall down."

"We have this constantly around this area," said Ray Williams, a Sikeston resident.

Williams said he tried offering some criticism about the sagging pants but that "my criticism made it worse."

Williams said he would like to see the council "do something about these droopy drawers."

"I'm sure we'll get some further discussion on it," Marshall said.

Councilman Michael Harris said he would like to see the ordinance also address people going topless.

Marshall said indecent dressing styles can affect the impression people from out of town have about this city.

"I don't think it is asking too much to have their pants up and not showing their drawers," he said.

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