Speak Out 08/27/04

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Source of pride

We made our first visit the other night to see the new Riverfront Park in Cape Girardeau. What a nice place. It's something for our city to be proud of. Although I don't usually like murals, the new murals with the stone background are fantastic. Good job.

Congrats, teachers

Now that the MAP scores are in, let us not forget that our teachers are still doing a wonderful job. They are dedicated to your children even though they are being paid less then they were last year. Their pay might be taking a step backward, but the outstanding teaching is taking many steps forward. Congratulations, Cape Girardeau teachers. And, students, you too are doing your best.

Year-around facility

A RECENT comment said a water park would be an asset for three months a year and an eyesore for the other nine months. It wouldn't be if you took the $1 million surplus the city has and make it an indoor water park and amusement center that would be open all year.

No dots to connect

Reading the columns of Paul Greenberg and Gary Rust is almost amusing. Greenberg is still trying desperately to connect the dots in support of the Iraq invasion when everyone knows the dots themselves are as much of a hallucination as the connections. Rust, meanwhile, is continuing his anti-intellectual campaign of suggesting that it's only the university folks who oppose the war while good, hard-working Americans support it. I'd like to know why he thinks we support the war. We are the parents of sons and daughters his party sent to Iraq as sacrifices. We do not support this stupid adventure. Rust, as always, is living in a sheltered dreamland.

School goals

I just watched the principals give their building goals at the Cape Girardeau School Board meeting. What a bunch of baloney. No wonder our tax money keeps disappearing into some dark hole. The goals sound like hogwash. One principal talked about instituting 55 learning goals. If the school has time to teach stuff like that, it has time to teach math, reading and writing without the social nonsense it's promoting.

Don't move the clock

Cape Girardeau, please do not move the clock on Main Street. Coming around the corner at the bottom of Broadway and turning onto Main Street is one of the best views of the new bridge all lit up, with the clock in the center of the view. We have brought several out-of-town guests on a drive to see that view. Have any of you taken that ride? Please don't move the clock.

Funding for shelter

Since the Cape Girardeau City Council chose to fork over $30,000 to the Glenn House for repairs, maybe the Humane Society should get $30,000 to add on to its building. The city council owes this to the Humane Society, as it is the only place that animal control can bring picked-up animals to be housed and fed, unless the city wants to build its own pound. No, the city would rather save money and abuse its privileges at the Humane Society.

Cycling safety

When their bikes can go the speed limit, cyclists will get the same respect as motorists. So often traffic is backed up going 10 mph due to a single biker who won't hug the curb. How much effort is involved in pulling off the side of the road for 10 seconds while cars go by? I have nearly hit other cars while trying to avoid hitting a biker. That is not fair. My safety should not be compromised because cyclists want to ride in the middle of the street.

Repeal the ordinance

It would be wise for the Cape Girardeau City Council to repeal the pet limitation ordinance at this point. There has obviously been enough of a stir about this, and the petition out there is only gaining more and more publicity. It would be more costly to the city to hold a special election than to retract an ordinance that should have never been passed in the first place.

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