Speak Out 8/3/08

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Butterfly magnet

TO THE person who has noticed a shortage of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds: I suggest you get a butterfly bush. They will flock to it. We have an abundance.

Police are responding

AT LEAST the Jackson police are responding to and taking care of crime on the corner of Shawnee Avenue and East Main Street in Jackson. What would really be aggravating is if they weren't.

Auditor's office

IN RESPONSE to the online story "Ludwig apology letter was just a draft": The truth is there are two women who do everything in the county auditor's office. Meanwhile, the man who gets the big payday looks at seminude women. That leaves his two assistants to do all the work. Everyone should know that the county commission is trying to window-dress this not to look so bad, but the truth is there is a lot going on other than what is being reported so that David Ludwig can save some face. The truth is he has made the whole office look bad. Since no one is telling the whole story, it's making the two women in the auditor's office look petty. Ludwig needs to do the right thing and quit. The office has functioned without him since April.

Cleaning up messes

HOW CAN the federal government bail out homeżowners who made their own mess by having to have the biggest house and the nicest cars? How will they learn to be financially responsible? By example? We are already borrowing from China. Who do you think will pick up the tab? You guessed it: responsible taxpayers.

Promises, promises

I WOULD like to have a second stimulus check as much as anyone else, but I have to wonder if this would be good for the economy we're in. It aggravates me that politicians say what they think people want to hear. After they're elected, they change their minds and don't follow through.

Carter's honor

IT MAY be true that Jimmy Carter was not the greatest president, but he is one of the most honorable men to ever be president. Instead of retiring, he serves others. Carter deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. He'll probably be standing close to God's right hand. He is the best example of service I have ever seen in a human being. He helps the Africans have drinkable water or tries to give Africans longer, healthier lives. I don't know everything that Jimmy and Rosalynn do, but they are two of the finest Americans to ever hit soil. I hope someday someone names a street Carter Street or Roslyn Street.

Hearing the truth

MICHAEL SAVAGE gives his opinion on many subjects. I agree with some of them and disagree with others. Liberals are going to blow their cool because his views are mostly conservative. Why do liberals listen to a conservative show? Maybe it's to find a mistake, a slip of the tongue or take someone's opinion out of context and cause a stink. Or maybe they want the truth. We don't have unbiased news reported anymore, even on public broadcasting.

Night watchman

WHAT THE downtown area needs is another night watchman like Sam Tucker. He patrolled the Main Street-Spanish Street area during the 1950s and 1960s and knew how to deal with mischief-makers. He was a kind and gentle man if you behaved yourself, tough as nails if you didn't. I sure do miss seeing him around there.

Automated apology

AT LEAST that's a little improvement. Some robo-calling candidates are said to be apologizing for robo-calling via robo-calling.

Record oil profits

I WOULD like to know how the people who run oil companies can sleep at night, posting second-quarter earnings records. They are the cause of prices going out of sight for cars, food, clothing -- you name it. Someone need to take these people to the wood shed.

Yes for Delta school

DON'T FORGET to vote yes for the new Delta grade school. Let's show the children in our community that we care enough to put them in an updated facility that is able to keep up with the latest technology. Our children are the future. Let's invest in it.

Jefferson says ...

FOR ALL you liberals: "The constitutions of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; that they are entitled to freedom of person, freedom of religion, freedom of property and freedom of the press." -- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), Founding Father, drafter of the Declaration of Independence, third U.S. president.

County lawsuit

IF THE county commissioners can't remove Cape Girardeau County Auditor David Ludwig from office, how do the taxpayers do it? Why should my tax dollars pay for a lawsuit when the women in that office sue him and the county?

Stop robo-calls

WHY DO the state and federal governments even bother to have a no-call list when any and every Tom, Dick, and Harry can set up robo-calls for any kind of message they please? And we're told nothing can be done about it. Robo-calls are a much worse invasion of privacy, because you can't tell them where to go. They should be banned, and the banning should be enforced. Fine these jokers.

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