The electronic art of marital compromise

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Husband-and-wife journalists Bob Miller and Callie Clark Miller use this space to offer their views on everyday issues.

A recent e-mail exchange between husband and wife:

On 7/14/08 9:42 AM, "Callie Clark Miller" wrote:

Dear Bob,

Every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. for the next 14 weeks, your wife shall be otherwise engaged. You will need to make plans to care for Dawson between 8 and 9 p.m. on those dates.


Your loving wife

On 7/14/08 9:42 AM, "Bob Miller" wrote:


On 7/14/08 9:45 AM, "Callie Clark Miller" wrote:

Wednesday nights from 8 to 9 p.m. will be my one night -- one hour a week -- to watch TV. The new season of Project Runway begins this Wednesday. You will take care of Dawson while I enjoy my show, preferably somewhere else in the house other than the living room, unless you both refrain from making unseemly comments.

That's all.

Thank you.

On 7/14/08 9:49 AM, "Bob Miller" wrote:

Oh, good grief.

On 7/14/08 9:50 AM, "Callie Clark Miller" wrote:

I am not joking.

On 7/14/08 9:52 AM, "Bob Miller" wrote:

OK, then.

I want three 20-minute periods a week, from 8 to 8:30 on days of my choosing where I can go for a run without grief from you.

And you shall have your Runway to yourself.

That's all.

Thank you.


On 7/14/08 9:55 AM, "Callie Clark Miller" wrote:

Does the 20 minutes include pre-run stretching and post-run shower time? Because otherwise, that's extra time that exceeds my one hour limit.

On 7/14/08 10:21 AM, "Bob Miller" wrote:

I will not stretch. I will take a shower before going to bed, which should be around 9 p.m.

On 7/14/08 10:30 AM, "Callie Clark Miller" wrote:

Hmmmm... well, OK I guess. Since you're caring for Dawson while I shower each night anyway. So long as you don't run on Wednesday nights ... there's a chance for an overlap that just can't be tolerated.

And if you injure a muscle from lack of stretching, don't think it'll get you out of changing diapers.

On 7/14/08 10:32 AM, "Bob Miller" wrote:


Bob Miller is the managing editor at the Southeast Missourian. Callie Clark Miller is the special publications managing editor. Other than Wednesday nights from 8 to 9 p.m., you can reach them at or

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