Speak Out 7/30/08

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Muddled amendment

I AGREE we all have a right to own guns, and it's not the government's business what I do in my own home. That being said, the language of the Second Amendment is not perfectly clear. Why doesn't it just say that everyone has a right to bear arms, no matter what? Why does the same sentence include the necessity of a the militia? After all, the Bill of Rights was written after the Continental Army had disbanded and before the formation of the U.S. Army. And if we're striving to go for a truly originalist interpretation, then all that is guaranteed is the right to own a flintlock musket or a black-powder cannon.

Caving in

I WAS in a store the other day and was appalled to see how so many parents cave into the wants of their children. I noticed three different children throw a tantrum and then be rewarded by getting the item they wanted to begin with. Parents, come on and be parents and quit handing everything to your children or they will never learn what responsibility and work are.

National service

VICIOUS AND vituperative verbal assassin Victor Hanson recently ripped Sen. Barack Obama for his ambitious national-service plan. For some reason Hanson failed to mention that Sen. John McCain has one as well. Hurray for both senators. I noticed that Hanson is ensconced in the Hoover Institution. I hope they don't let him out.

Noted shortages

AN ASTUTE observer accurately noted the shortage of bees, butterflies, ants, martins and hummingbirds and wondered why this was so. I don't mean to frighten you, but there is also a corresponding overabundance of locusts.

Fondly remembered

BENTON AND the surrounding community were sad to lose Ron Inman, who was a nurse practitioner who opened a family clinic in Benton a few months ago. Inman seemed to care deeply about his patients and became a friend to many. Deepest sympathy to his family. He will be remembered fondly for a long time.

Weed danger

THE HEAVILY used intersection of Highway 74 and County Road 205 is already dangerous enough because there are no flashing lights. Now it is a dire emergency that the weeds on the bridge get mowed. They are so tall that you cannot pull out of County Road 205 east onto Highway 74 and see if any traffic is coming. You have to floor it and hope for the best. Many spots down Bloomfield Road under county maintenance have high weeds blocking views of traffic. You can tell where the city limits end and the county begins. Please take care of the bridge weeds, at least.

Wonderful tributes

SAM BLACKWELL'S tributes to Joni Adams and Rick Proctor were wonderful. Downtown Cape Girardeau will never be the same without Rick.

For-profit cesspool

IF YOU'VE got the gumption for it (it will sicken you), I have an article I would like to recommend. It is in the August issue of Harper's and is titled, "The wrecking crew ... how a gang of right-wing con men destroyed Washington and made a killing." Of course, the imprisoned lobbyist Jack Abramoff is an example, but the frightening thing is that Abramoff is the rule rather than the exception in the for-profit cesspool in the Washington we have helped to create.

Health care mess

CAN WE cut to the chase on health-care reform? It's going to happen. According to Slate's Tim Noah, " ... the only practical solution to the unholy mess that is America's health care is either to extend Medicare coverage to everybody (which, if successful might wipe out private health insurance altogether) or to regulate health insurers so closely that health insurance would become a government program in everything but name."

Redundant letter

UNLIKE GARY Rust, I understand why The New York Times refused to publish Sen. John McCain's letter to the editor after having published Sen. Barack Obama's. Since McCain has in essence come around to Obama's point of view concerning the Iraqi future, the Times likely considered the letter to be redundant.

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