Letter to the Editor

Report any cruelty to animals

Friday, August 27, 2004

To the editor:

On the evening of Aug. 18 I took my dogs for their daily walk at Shawnee Park. As I was passing by a garbage can, I noticed a cardboard box upside down in the can. For some reason, I reached down and turned the box over. Inside was a tiny, pitiful puppy, too weak to react to being found.

I brought the puppy home, intending to take him to the Humane Society the next morning. The puppy was dehydrated and hungry. As he was trying to eat the food we gave him, we noticed he was in pain and having much difficulty eating and drinking. We soon discovered his jaw was severely out of line and seemed to be out of joint or possibly broken. The next morning our veterinarian confirmed the dog's jaw was broken. It was later decided he would heal without surgery.

We want to tell whoever did this horribly cruel thing that you did not succeed in killing the puppy. He is already starting to look fat and sassy. The hard part is keeping him as quiet as possible so his jaw can heal.

If anyone knows who did this, please tell the police. It is a short step from cruelty to animals to cruelty to human beings.

Oscar is safe and happy now. Other animals are not so lucky. Please report any abuse and cruelty to the authorities. Perhaps you can save another Oscar from a life of pain or a terrible death.

BILL and JUDY GUTH, Cape Girardeau