Limbaugh has desire to be an owner in the NFL

Monday, July 28, 2008

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has a hankering to become an NFL team owner and said if the St. Louis Rams came up for sale, he might be interested in buying them.

The Cape Girardeau native told KMOX radio in St. Louis that NFL ownership is a "billionaire's club." He said he's not part of that club, but is in good financial shape.

Limbaugh said any move he makes would be a business decision, and not based on his ties to the region.

"The worst thing that could happen is for a fan to buy the team. When I say this to people, they say 'That's crazy, it would be fun.' It's a billion-dollar business."

The Rams owners have said the team is not for sale, but there has been speculation they could be swayed by the right offer. Longtime owner Georgia Frontiere died earlier this year. Her children are now majority owners.

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