Speak Out 7/28/08

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tax assessments

IT'S WIDELY reported that our property values have gone down approximately 15 percent. I called the county assessor's office to see if it would reduce my tax assessment accordingly. I was told that the assessor's office has not seen that trend locally. I think that's probably incorrect. I don't mind paying taxes if my property increases in value, but I certainly think it's only fair that if my property is worth less, that our taxes are reduced accordingly.

Borrowing from China

I HAVE no complaints about taking our country back from foreigners. It is time America wakes up. We are borrowing money from China to pay for this war and for the stimulus payments.

Breaking the quiet

THE COMMENT about how quiet Gordonville is at night seems kind of funny. We still have gangs of fireworkers going on. Nobody seems to mind. It bothers me, but it doesn't seem to bother the mayor or anybody else.

Shopping carts

I SYMPATHIZE with the person who complained about grocery carts with bad wheels. I could never understand why all grocery stores do not use the system Aldi's does. It requires a customer to use a quarter to get a cart and then put the cart back to get their quarter back. Everyone would benefit. The store would not have to go looking for carts all over.

Talented band

I JUST returned from the Golden Eagles Band concert on the terraces at Academic Hall. I have not spent such an enjoyable time for a long time. That band is so talented, and the arrangements for the songs it will be playing in Great Britain gave me goose bumps. The band should wow them over there.

Political calls

POLITICAL candidates do not have to abide by Missouri's no-call rule. I don't like that. Anyone who bothers me on my personal time will not get my vote.

Go away

THIS IS for the south side of town, especially on Pacific Street and Ellis Street. It wasn't bad enough for those of us who own our homes and have lived here 20 or 30 years. First we got slum landlords. And now we have drug lords. They need to relocate, go back to wherever they came from. They're not welcome in this neighborhood. We don't like drugs.

Good article

I WANT to thank Rudi Keller for his article pertaining to sitting on the volcano. I learned a lot. I hope he continues to have these interesting articles. I read every word of it. Good going, Rudi.

Dead battery

I WANT to thank the Cape Girardeau Police Department for its help when I was stranded with a dead battery on the highway in front of the Olive Garden while waiting for my husband to bring back a battery from Wal-Mart. You guys are great. I appreciate it. In particular, I want to thank those unknown guys who stayed with me during the whole process. In an age when chivalry is dead, you were remarkable. I got home safely, thanks to you. God bless you all.

Gun freedom

ENOUGH OF all this nitpicking over the Second Amendment. I don't own a gun, but I certainly want the freedom to get one should I so choose. The world was different when the Constitution was written. Everyone had a gun for food and protection. If the Second Amendment was only for a militia, why didn't the government round up all the citizens of the wild West and toss them in the pokey for having a gun?

Garden shortage

I HAVE a small flower and vegetable garden. I have noticed not only a shortage of bees, but also butterflies, ants, martins and hummingbirds. What is happening?

Flood bailouts

I CAN'T believe that many individuals believe the government should bail them out of a flood when they know they will risking being flooded out again. The excuse "I can't move" is ridiculous. It's your choice to live there. Others have moved. The fact is many of the whiners are more financially secure than most other folks.

Save for disaster

MISSOURI CLAIMS it now has millions of dollars of surplus this year. Congratulations to the governor and his administration. Now everyone of these "You owe me something" Democrats will whine for their share. I say keep the surplus for a real disaster, which always comes along.

Sad news

WHAT SAD news that Joni Adams Bliss has passed away. I met Joni many years ago, and she was so wonderful. Tears are streaming down my face right now. I'm so saddened at her passing. I'll always kindly remember her back before she married Mark. What a wonderful person. The whole community should be saddened at the loss of Joni.

Lexington Avenue

LOOKS LIKE the city is getting ready to repair Lexington Avenue again. The solution: keep big trucks and heavy equipment off Lexington. The concrete is only about six inches thick. This will not carry these type of loads. Also, the city removes barricades from a fresh pour 36 to 48 hours later. I'm pretty sure wet concrete is not cured enough in 36 to 48 hours for driving cars and big trucks on it.

Support for Hillary

I WOULD be remiss if I did not comment about the harsh criticism of Hillary Clinton. Democrats support Hillary, and we are going wish that she was in the White House.

Ending racism

NOTHING IS perfect in this world. When will all this racism ever stop? When will people stop saying every act is racist? When will people stop blaming people who had nothing to do with slavery for their problems? Some talk of reparations. What's one's freedom worth? It's priceless. We're all human beings under God.

No vote for robo-callers

ANY POLITICIAN who robo-calls does not respect you as a voter. He thinks he should talk and you should listen. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel like not voting for him.

Carter's interest

I READ the comment wishing Jimmy Carter was back in office. I'm a real estate agency, and when Mr. Carter was in office, we had interest rates at 18 percent. Yeah, we want Jimmy Carter back. Come on, be for real.

Learning to live

TO THE Bliss family: We watched your girls grow up in the paper. We laughed because some of us were going through similar things. I avidly read Mark's column every time that it came out. I learned to let things go and not be so policeman-like about raising my children. I learned to let them be children. I thank you for that. My kids are grown up now, and I never knew Joni, but I wish that I had. I wish you the best. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Safety rights

I PREFER to go 55 mph for a lot of different reasons, one of which is I'm safe at 55, and I'm not safe at 70. I have a right to the highway too.

Medicaid and work

SPEAKING OF restoring Medicaid cuts, I'm a disabled Missourian who used to work under a Medicaid program designed to help Medicaid recipients get out in the workforce. I made very little money, just enough for a few groceries and gasoline to go back and forth to work. Working helped my self-esteem remain high, and my goals of full-time work seemed within reach. It kept my job skills sharp and ready to use. Since the cuts, I've had to choose between my part-time jobs and my health care. I have multiple health problems and had to choose health care. Now I sit home every day and watch my skills dwindle from lack of use. I would have found the right job and gotten off Medicaid if the program had not been cut. Please allow disabled people to spread their wings and work. That's how we'll get people off Medicaid.

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