Speak Out 7/26/08

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poetic philosophy

What's the big deal when all is said and done?

Throw away your old self. Let's all be one.

And in time we'll see the vast majority

Are still dominated by an inbred minority.

You've heard the world's flat, now round, all that jive.

It's really a Borg Ashlar cube, and you're in the hive.

Autism overdiagnosed

MICHAEL SAVAGE was taken out of context. For those who are affected by autism, you have my sympathy and prayers. He was not challenging the validity of autism, but rather the way it is diagnosed and treated. There are no biometric markers for autism, no confirmation by blood test or DNA test. Brain scans are marginal. If a child has a tic today, he is considered autistic. The screening methods as well as the treatment programs are all unproven medically. Autism is real but, in my opinion, completely overdiagnosed.

Considerate driving

I HOPE people will read this and understand where the rest of us are coming from. I work in Cape Girardeau but live in Jackson. I travel Jackson Boulevard every day. It is so irritating, at any time of the day, to be behind someone who doesn't do the posted speed limit and rides right along the car in the next lane so nobody can get around. Please be courteous to others and use the right lane to drive under the speed limit. At least move over when you can so others can pass. Traffic in Jackson is getting bad. Please don't make it any worse by being inconsiderate.

Thanks for lunch

MY HUSBAND and I recently had lunch at a local steakhouse with our 4-week-old daughter. When we went to pay for our lunch, the man at the register congratulated us on our newest addition and told us he would buy our lunch. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Crime scene

IF JACKSON really wants to improve the developing East Main Street section of the city, it needs to do something about the crime at the apartments on the corner of Shawnee Avenue and East Main. It is an aggravation for people using the new bypass to see the police parked there dealing with crime any given day of the week.

Balancing act

THAT GOV. Matt Blunt balanced Missouri's budget on the backs of those lacking health insurance because of poverty is the biggest disgrace in the state's political history.

Lower the limit

REGARDLESS OF the views of the voters, we must again, in order to conserve gasoline, reduce the highway speed limit to 55 mph.

Violent times

EVERYBODY WANTS to think that we are living in the most violent period in human history. But that is simply not true. There have been far worst times in our history such the Dark Ages. There were more wars between 1914 and 1945 than today. The only reason the world seems more violent today is that is how the media portray it.

Delta tax increase

RECENTLY WE received information about voting on a new Delta grade school. It states there will be a tax increase. But if you read the ballot information, it says nothing about a tax increase. It gives the impression that the district is only wanting permission to borrow money. There are a lot of voters who did not get the information about a tax increase. What a terrible time to ask this of people already stretched to the limit on living expenses. People are losing jobs. At this time I don't feel that I can vote yes.

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