Speak Out 08/24/04

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Notre Dame's scores

IN RESPONSE to "Missouri ACT scores inching up": Why weren't Notre Dame Regional High School's ACT scores included in this article? My daughter graduated in 2002 and scored 31. She was not alone. I cannot remember exactly, but I do know that at least more than 20 students scored high enough to get a Brite Flight Scholarship. This would appear to be a lot higher than the Missouri average of students in the same year. Also, a greater percentage of Notre Dame students go on to higher education. Notre Dame is an excellent school and should get recognition even though it is not funded by government.

Baby-sitting at the pool

LEAVE THE lifeguards alone. They have a tough job. It's not just sitting in a chair and getting a suntan. I know, I did it for five years when I was in high school and college. The problem anymore is that parents use the pool as cheap day care. So not only are the young adults working as lifeguards, but they have to be baby sitters as well.

No help from clubs

I HAVE a friend who is handicapped. He called every club around the area to see if he could get help for a fund raiser. They wouldn't help him at all. He has to be a member before they will help. I think it's pretty bad when all these clubs and lodges can't help a person out. I thought that was what they were all about.

Beautiful article

JUST finished reading the article, "Two first days, going back to school." The article is beautifully written. It brought tears to a mother's eyes. My daughter started kindergarten this year, and she had a shaky first day just like Randa Norman did. No matter how much you love them or how much you prepare them, the day comes when you have to let that little ship sail by itself. Then they come home and end up having a good day after all, just like you hoped they would. I loved the article.

Front-page news

MIKE RICHEY is a fine young man who made a big mistake, but he didn't deserve front-page news like some murderer or rapist. Anyone who knows Mike personally knows he regrets his mistakes for himself and his family. My heart goes out to him and his wonderful family. It amazes me how a real danger to society can make the back page, but someone who makes amends financially and loses his life's occupation is put on the front page as newsworthy.

Too many whiners

I HEAR people calling Speak Out right and left, criticizing what the school district should do or what the city government should do. It reminds me of the donkey and the boy and the man who listened to so much advice. So to appease everybody, he carried the donkey, and the donkey ended up drowned in the creek for listening to too many people. This is what our officials will do if they pay attention to these whiners.

Friendly lifeguard

IF YOU want to see a friendly and dependable lifeguard with a great personality, come to the 5 a.m. fitness swim at Central Junior High School pool and meet Drew. He's the best. Thank you for being our lifeguard.

Plenty to do

WE HAVE the Osage Centre for teens and preteens. I thought that was part of why it was built: so kids would have something to do. There are roller rinks and bowling alleys. And then people say there's not enough for kids to do. The Show Me Center is not just for college kids. They have circuses there. The only problem with the Show Me Center is it costs so much. I'm not against the water park, but try to use better reasoning to convince us why we need it.

Bad behavior

PEOPLE WONDER why there's voter apathy. It's probably because politicians have lost all semblance of courtesy, respect or honor for their opponents and for themselves. Whichever party you vote for, the behavior on all sides is discouraging. Tearing down the service records of so many people is for the birds.

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