Police report 7/20/08

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cape Girardeau

The Cape Girardeau Police Department released the following items. Arrests do not imply guilt.


* Marianne Porter, 618 North St., was arrested on a Cape Girardeau warrant for larceny.

* Erik Winklmeier, of Highland, Ill., was arrested on a Newton County, Mo., warrant for failure to appear in court.


* Second-degree domestic assault was reported.

* Assault was reported at 550 S. Hanover St.

* A case of domestic assault was reported.


* Johnson & Johnson Law Firm, 212 N. Main St., reported the theft of a plant.

* Rhodes 101, 1126 N. Sprigg St., reported a theft of gasoline.

* Shell D-Mart, 2415 William St., reported a theft of gasoline.

* Jaspers, 1008 N. Kingshighway, reported a theft of gasoline.

* An ID card was reported stolen at 1345 Brenda Kay Court.

* A purse was reported stolen at 301 N. Clark Ave.

* A bicycle was reported stolen at 2851 Vista Lane.

* Speakers were reported stolen at 445 S. Sprigg St.

Property damage

* Vehicle damage was reported at 2 North St.

* A washer and dryer were reported damaged at 824 Bellevue St.


* China Buffet, 2146 William St., reported forgery.

* A person was taken into protective custody.