Speak Out 7/20/08

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What was that?

SOME OF you might think columnist Mike Jensen has lost it for being preoccupied with what he calls the "stigma" of the $500 gambling loss limit in Missouri at a time when our economy is in free fall. However, there has always been a method to Jensen's seeming madness. It is not his fault that at this time I cannot figure out what it is.

Learned Limbaugh

HOW CAN anyone possibly conclude that Rush Limbaugh does not deserve to be called a pundit, which is defined as a learned person? Millions of people have attended (via radio) and no doubt received degrees at his School for Advanced Conservative Studies, and Rush has a Ph.D. in democracy.

Carts with good wheels

I HAVE no complaints about store remodels or upgrades, but if you really want to impress your customers, get new carts. And, no, used carts from another store don't qualify. I just sorted through several carts to find one with good wheels.

Tobacco and tuition

I'M HAPPY Southeast Missouri State University's campus is smoke-free. What a great day this is. I hope Southeast has another group of ticket writers to get all those who think they can walk around in open air and light up. Make it $75 per violation and help lower my tuition.

Take back America

IT ISN'T enough that the foreign companies are buying up so many of our companies, Anheuser-Busch being the latest. Today I read in the Southeast Missourian where Hawaii wants to ship all its trash and garbage to this country. What an insult. When is the United States going to wake up and put a stop to these practices? It's time to take back America from the foreigners.

Gordonville gangs

THE MAIN reason the mayor has the late night and weekend patrol here in Gordonville is to protect us from the two notorious gangs that roam Gordonville at night. They are members of the Whitetail Bandits who steal from your gardens and the Coyote Crusaders who murder innocent rabbits. It is no wonder why there is very little activity in town after dark.

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