Scott County tax liens

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Scott County tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tom Dirnberger, Scott County recorder of deeds, during the month of July are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue except as indicated by IRS designation. For information concerning the dollar amount of the liens, contact the recorder's office at 545-3551.


James B. Pirtle, IRS

Dan Bridger Enterprises

Jeans Studio Inc.

Staffing America Inc.

Donald L. Hoppe, IRS

Yvonne P. LeGrand

Jim D. Williams

Margaret J. Williams

A Plus Inc.

C.D. Alcorn Jr.

Stuart A. Barragan

Erika J. Becker

Kristopher T. Bucher

Lillian Collins

Carol A. Corn

James L. Cox

Heather R. Drury

William D. Fender

Julia A. Fernandez

Glyphics Communications Inc.

Alana M. Hobeck

Collins Hugh LLC

Bobbi J. Inskeep

International Exchange Communications

Jerome Jenkins

Keystone Technology LC

John T. Lovewell

Roderick Marks

Kelly A. McBenge

Midwest Acoustics & Drywall

Matthew Perry

Debra Pollack, IRS

Renaissance Aircraft LLC

Mary A. Robertson

Allison M. Sanders

Scott County Water Supply District 3

Douglas N. Sitzes

Maria C. Tan

Joe L. Turner

Susan Vasquez

Shauna D. Watson

Norman J. Werner

Jim D. Williams


Talmas W. McAlister

Bruce L. and Twyla G. Bird, IRS

C.D. Alcorn Jr.

Jayme L. Beck (7)

Carson & Barnes Circus Inc.

The Fun Company


Robert A. Rodgers

Saundra K. Blankenship, IRS

William and Kathy R. Sills, IRS

Alford J. Northern, IRS

Nancy E. Northern, IRS

Christopher A. Berry

Cit Service Leasing Corp.

Samantha F. Cooper

Susan L. Cooper

Dan Bridger Enterprises

Distinctive Marketing Co.

Fabians Inc. (2)

Jeans Studio Inc.

Wilson Lawn Services Inc.

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