Bankruptcies for August 2004

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Bankruptcies filed through Aug. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Jones, Sandy L.11242


Berry, Wayne D. and Susan M.11274
Bradish, John P. and Linda R. 11229
Burnett, Kenny D. and Stacy R. 11261
Crook, Dawn M. 11158
Culbertson, Jeffrey A. and Sandra L. 11196
Haag, Sara 11281
Herzog, Linda L. 11157
Hill, Cecil G. and Marilyn K. W. 11212
Klein, Willard P. and Cynthia W. 11209
Miller, Gale A. 11151
Mills, Patricia K. 11209
Morgan, Billy J. 11219
Murray, Cynthia D. 11237
Shockley-Tennill, Rena 11228
Way, Melanie A. and Samuel T. 11248
Welling, Anita L. 11220
Whitlock, Curtis D. 11156
Wilson, Bradley D. and Shelby L. 11238


Accardo, Nicholas A. and Nancy11278
Avery, Glenda 11239
Blyzes, Salena C. 11279
Bollinger, Derek L. 11204
Campbell, Bud D. and Sherry A. 11282
Cole, Donna R. 11202
Courtney, Sandra J. 11189
Cox, Tabitha M. 11175
Dunford, Charles and Cellie 11286
Duvall, Richard J. and Brigitte L. 11162
Eason, Glenda I. 11190
Eaton, Heidi N. 11152
Estes, Sandra J. 11275
French, Stephen M. and Patricia M. 11262
Glueck, Virgil W. and Brenda I. 11230
Hager, Joe C. and Gwynda S. 11197
Henson, Lloyd D. and Susan Y. 11192
Hiltz, Noel H. 11221
Looney, Harold G. and Shelby J. 11285
McLain, Tammy L. 11195
Nelson, Edward H. 11271
Newsom, Chaffonda 11254
Pogue, Steven R. and Amy L. 11246
Porter, Calvin R. and Betty A. 11231
Ritchie, Sue E. 11184
Roark, Joseph W. and Jamie O. 11205
Rutherford, Sherman L. and Tami J. 11235
Shipley, Joyce M. 11183
Taylor, Wendell K. 11272
VanGennip, Martha J. 11241
Wilke, Neil Scott 11232
Ziegler, Ronald E. and Sandra K. 11276


Dell, Debra S.11171
Dubois, Lavelle R. 11224
Edmonston Gin Company 11203
Loughary, Robert A. and Carla A. 11225
Loyd, Catrina D. 11172
Machen, Candy A. and James L. 11280
Smith, Jeremy S. 11176
Stone, Timothy W. 11233
White, Josephine 11167
Howard, Sybil11160


Bearden, William B. and Lucinda M.11252
Bratcher, Jimmy D. 11293
Bratcher, Peggy A. 11294
Burnette, Robert E. and Connie R. 11265
Capone, Robert D. and Dawn A. 11264
Gipson, Douglas E. and Michelle L. 11244
Gromer, Ruby J. 11269
Jarvis, Jason C. 11191
Jordan, Gary L. and Beth A. 11251
Lewis, Glenn E. and Crystal L. 11268
Morgan, Oscar D. and Ida E. 11187
Nickelson, Larry D. 11249
Phipps, Beverly I. 11256
Reeves, Curtis A. and Theresa A. 11253
Schanda, William L. and Patsy N. 11266


Babb, Ellen L.11287
Barker, Clayton D. 11222
Braden, Larry and Mattie 11291
Johnson, Rosie L. 11165
Lacey, Harvey P. and Bertha F. 11227
Matney, Jackie D. 11288
Pardon, James and Fredia 11290
Walls, Terry L. 11260
Wilson, William L. and Cathy D. 11180


Berkbuegler, Shirley J.11173
Buck, Laura M. 11247
Lappe, Brian L. and Peggy S. 11163
Lauck, Gary A. 11240


Brinkley, Gary and Glenda S.11208
Colter, William L. and Rebecca I.11154
Long, Travis L. and Crystal G. 11292
Rotter, Michael J.11267


Applewhite, Minnie L.11255
Banks, Philip A. and Patricia M. 11185
Bell, Billy W. and Roseann 11277
Bridger, Kenneth W. 11181
Bridger Plumbing and Heating Co. 11182
Buckthorpe, Clayton F. and Amanda M. 11194
Campbell, Patricia F. 11193
Edwards, Michelle L. 11289
Finney, Rebecca D. and Timothy W. 11186
Haley, Harold R. and Barbara G. 11198
Harrington, Tarron N. and Kumiko D. 11174
Hoffman, John S. 11234
Huffman, Karla L. 11257
Kirn, Christopher J. 11164
McClain, Donald A. and Lisa P. 11177
Patterson, Jerry and Merilyn 11258
Sherrod, Tera E. 11236
Speakman, Edward D. and Sherry S. 11199
Stewart, Christopher M. 11179
Whitworth, Russell D. and Donna K. 11178
Williams, Ronald and Theada F. 11283
Wren, David K. and Tammy Y. 11161


Bishop, Mareva D.11155
Cooper, Jo Ann 11159
Loughary, Shelby L. 11153
Loveless, George R. and Teresa L. 11169
McGuire, Bobby A. and Concetta M. 11166
Reed, George F. 11223
Reynolds, Roxanna L. 11201
Taylor, William E. and Sherry W. 11168
Wallace, Charles and Sylvia 11226
Waters, David D. and Gloria M. 11170
Wyman, Steven . and Christy R. 11200


Bates, Jimmy R. Jr.11207
Duke, Tanya K. 11207
Greenwalt, Georgia L. 11250
Harmon, Norman D. and Jane A. 11211
Johnson, Lloyd L. and Mary A. 11245
Reyes, Shane A. 11263
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