Speak Out 08/23/04

Monday, August 23, 2004

Musical tastes

IN RESPONSE to the caller who apparently despises modern music: I must be nobody. I listen to classical music. I also listen to metal and other styles. I like rock, and some of us like to vent by listening to someone hollering out their frustration from people like you who insult our music. It's music. Who are you to dictate what is and what isn't? Back in their day, people who wrote classical music were criticized in the same way. Let us listen to our music, and you listen to your own.

Be more considerate

I RIDE my bike to work every day. At least once every couple of days someone has a nasty comment to yell out the window. When I pull up next to them at a stop sign, the windows are up and all eyes are forward. Please be more considerate.

Wonderful teachers

I JUST saw in the paper that Jefferson and Blanchard passed the MAP test. Congratulations to both schools. They have wonderful teachers.

Leave it alone

LEAVE DOWNTOWN the way it is, especially the clock.

Following the rules

YES, BIKE riders have just as much a right to be on the roads our fuel taxes paid for as a motorist does. But that's going to provide precious little relief to your family after you are killed. I am sick and tired of having to slam on the brakes when I reach the crest a hill and find someone riding a bicycle in the middle of the road or, as it often happens, bicyclists riding two or three abreast. If bicyclists are going to use the roads they need to pass the same tests that motorists do to get a driver's license. They should obey the same traffic laws motorists do, including stopping at red lights and stop signs.

Gaps in parades

WE HAVE three parades coming up: Homecomers, SEMO District Fair and Christmas Parade of Lights. When these parades don't start on time and have gaps of up to a block and a half, it sure looks bad to those who come to watch. I think it's time for a change.

Parking-lot caution

I WOULD like to ask everyone using the temporary Cape Girardeau post office location to please pay closer attention in the parking lot. I have been there two days in a row and have almost had my car hit by another vehicle both days. The parking lot there is not very well set up, and drivers who are not paying attention are going to cause an accident. The best idea would be to fix the direction in the lot. Make it so that it is not so hazardous. Thanks in advance for your courteous driving.

Unjustified increase

AFTER THE Cape Girardeau School District's MAP scores last year, nothing justifies raising taxes to pay for the 24 percent raises the board granted administrators over the past three years. This is outrageous.

Sweet, true story

IN RESPONSE to "Two first days": This was the best article I have read in a long time. It was sweet, sad, funny and so true. How many kindergartners have been there and done that? I cried and laughed and loved the ending.

Wonderful teachers

THE "TWO first days" article by Callie Clark was very realistic about the anxiety and fear of a kindergartner's first day and following a freshman for a day. How nice to know there are wonderful teachers like Mrs. Wachter. It would be nice if the Missourian followed up with these two students in a few months to see how they have adjusted to school.

Popular attraction

A WATER park sounds like a great idea for the kids of Cape Girardeau. I have been to several communities that have them, and they seem very popular to the residents and the surrounding community. Let's build something the Cape Girardeau area will enjoy.

A great man

THANK YOU for writing the article on Don Roth. He is a great man and deserves and needs any support others can give. I hope more people share their thoughts of him. He has done so much for the community.

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