Mike Renick Band makes its own luck with new album

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mike Renick is luckier than a certain charmed and frosted cereal. These days when the Mike Renick Band is playing — on almost any night in almost any venue — a huge dance party breaks out. But, as he sets out to prove on his new album "Lucky One," Renick might be making his own luck with one of the best bands in Southeast Missouri.

"It's the idea that we create our own luck and can't rely on certain things to bring it to us, thus the rabbit's foot and pennies on the album cover," Renick said. "And with this album, I think people will find a different mix of stuff ... some upbeat poppy tunes, some quiet songs, a little reggae thrown in. I think the album hits a pretty wide spectrum of sound and feel."

After recording a solo album in 2004, Renick teamed up with a few talented musicians — drummer Bryan West, Wes Grabel on saxophone, guitarist Blake Fisher and bassist Ken Keller — in spring 2005 and immediately made noise on the local music scene. "Lucky One" is the band's first full-length release and one that Renick hopes will showcase the group's live energy.

"We pride ourselves on the live performance," he said. "We feel that's where we relate to the people that like to listen to us the best. We tried to record these songs with the same sort of live energy and feel that attracts people to our stuff. So hopefully someone who is a fan and buys the disc will be able to listen in their car or iPod and feel like they're at a show watching us."

The 12-track album, recorded and mixed at Keller's home studio, is described by Renick as "edgier" without taking from the group's usual lighthearted style.

"Recording in a studio is definitely an art," Renick said. "It's just totally different. We've done this as a band once before with the demo 'Studio Sessions 2005,' and I'd like to think we're getting more used to the studio."

"Lucky One" is available for purchase at P-Mac and Hastings in Cape Girardeau, and for download at iTunes and Amazon.com. The band will also be selling CDs at its live performances, with the next show July 24 on the Red Letter Communications rooftop in downtown Cape Girardeau. For more information about the Mike Renick Band, go to www.myspace.com/mikerenickband or mikerenickband.com.

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