Speak Out 7/17/08

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smoking example

WITH ALL the time, money and effort put into stopping substance abuse, how does the city, with its extensive and positive youth programs, tolerate folks with their lawn chair pulled up to the screens watching youth ball leagues and puffing on cigarettes in front of our young players? This is a disgrace and counter to all we're trying to do with health programs for children.

Fireworks and guns

IF YOU think having fireworks shot at you or your house is bad, try having someone shooting a pistol at your house. Nobody will do anything about that, so good luck with the fireworks.

Nation of whiners

PHIL GRAMM was right when he said Americans are a bunch of whiners. When we have hurricanes, floods or other natural disasters, all we do is wait for the federal government to take care of us. Our country has become a nation of babies. Wouldn't our forefathers be proud to see us now?

Thanks for buggy rides

I WANT to thank Floyd Penny for giving horse buggy rides to people during the Central High School 1950s reunion. This was generous. This man has done a lot for this community. It's good to have a leader like this. He was the hit of the reunion. I just wanted to say how grateful we all are for him.

Zoning issue

I AM a longtime resident of Old Sprigg Street Road. Once again we have come under fire due to one or two individuals. I attended a planning and zoning commission meeting July 9. One new resident wants to change zoning to R-4 in a well-established R-1 area. Twenty-three residents were opposed. The commission turned down the rezoning request for further study. All board members were fair except for one. Basically, he told everyone at the meeting that, to maintain the lifestyle they have been living, they should move out of the city limits. Why can one individual dictate the lives of so many in this town? I have children who, I hope, will have a future in this town. I don't believe his narrow mind can handle the city that I foresee for them.

Dutchtown highways

WE CAN'T keep bailing out Dutchtown every time it floods. The powers that be are so worried about keeping Highway 74 and Highway 25 open. Why aren't they helping Dutchtown come up with the money for a levee? It makes sense to me that Dutchtown would be doing them a favor by pitching in half the money. Come on, highway department, pitch in your part.

Smoke affliction

I AM a nonsmoker who is allergic to residue left by cigarettes or tobacco smoke. I've had it rough for more than 50 years of breathing secondhand smoke. Until recently I've been able to get a prescription for the swelling that it causes in my air passages. I wonder who in the world has the right to afflict this on someone.

Bright future

WHOEVER WINS the presidential election, the ideologues will have been marginalized as never before. The center will have been strengthened beyond all expectations, the country will come together as it never has in recent history and we will enter an era of good feelings lasting a generation.

Big accomplishment

I AM glad that a hometown boy can make it so big on the national stage. I speak, of course, of Rush Limbaugh. He is a great American who is living the American dream. I bet everyone wishes they could accomplish what he has accomplished. Way to go, Rush.

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