Wilson is 'uniter'

Monday, August 23, 2004

Washington Missourian

Claire McCaskill, as the Democratic candidate for governor, now is the ranking member of her party in Missouri. One of her first actions was to name Roger Wilson of Columbia as chairman of the state party.

That was an excellent move. As a former governor for several months after Mel Carnahan was killed in an airplane crash in October 2000, Wilson had served as lieutenant governor and was a veteran member of the Missouri Senate. He also was a county official in Boone County. ...

Wilson endorsed McCaskill early on in her campaign against the incumbent governor, Bob Holden, who by the way, has pledged his full support to McCaskill. It took some courage for Wilson to endorse McCaskill and to go against Holden. He simply felt McCaskill has the best chance to beat Republican Matt Blunt in the general election in November. ...

It's no secret that many Democrats want Wilson to seek office again. He is very popular with Missourians and he knows state government. If there is someone who can bring Democrats together again it's Wilson, who is a true "uniter."

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