Speak Out 08/22/04

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Biking on county road

I TRAVEL County Road 621 everyday. Please, sheriff or county commission, get the bicycles off that road. It is dangerous enough with its hills, curves and one-way bridges. We don't need bicycles riders out there that will not get out of the way.

Writing on shorts

THIS IS for mothers who are buying shorts or letting their kids buy shorts with writing on the back. If you see a pair of shorts with writing on the back, your natural instinct is to look at the writing. This is getting people to look at that girl's rear end. If you want people to look at your girl's rear end, buy her shorts with writing on the back. If you don't, don't buy her those shorts.

Lots of bikers on roads

I AM calling regarding all of the comments about bicycling. I challenge those people to get out and ride. Biking improves physical and mental health. It opens a whole new world and let's you experience life from a new perspective. Bicyclists are considered part of traffic. Where are we to ride if we do not ride on the roads? We should not be confined to a bike trail. Bicyclists have enough common sense to ride on the shoulder and get over hills. I hope you are aware that the Tour de Homecomers is Aug. 21. The Tour de Cape is Oct. 2. This means there will be lots of bikes on the road. Please be aware that we share the road with the cars.

Same road rules

THIS IS in response to the person complaining about cyclists on Route W and wanting the county commission to pass an ordinance to prohibit cyclists on any county road that does not have a shoulder. It is Missouri state law that cyclists have equal rights as motorists.

Good job on MAP scores

WAY TO go, Blanchard and Jefferson, in passing the MAP tests. Cape Girardeau thanks you, parents thank you and the children thank you. Congratulations again. Great job.

Drugs on our block

I'M CALLING about the article about the drug crackdown in Scott City. I wonder if the Scott City officers could be persuaded to come to Cape Girardeau to give our police department a few lessons. We've had drug dealers living on our block for years, but the Cape cops can't seem to find them even though every drug addict in town knows which house it is.

Future water park

JACKSON DID not have a water park. It had a water slide. I know people who have tried to get loans for a water park and were told no because it was in future plans for the city. I wonder how far into the future the plans are. And the water slide isn't just for kids. It is a great way for parents to spend time with their children doing something fun.

Home businesses

I STILL would like to know why Cape Girardeau will not let people work out of their homes. Photography is done on location most of the time, and woodworking is a hobby. What about the people who sell Tupperware and jewelry from their homes? There are delivery trucks coming to these homes. Look at the revenue Cape would get by allowing more home businesses. Let Cape grow. What about people who have small children and can't afford day care and need to stay home. Hats off to the chamber of commerce for trying to help these people.

More street ideas

IT WOULD be a mistake to modify Main Street traffic to two-way. With Water Street changing to one-way going south, the long-term best solution would be to maintain Main Street as one-way but going north. Will this mean local drivers will have something to get used to? Sure. But we've done it before, and we can do it again. Tourists, meanwhile, wouldn't know the difference. And it would be a better flow.

No worries about scores

I GOT the impression that though certain schools didn't pass the MAP test their administrators thought it was no big deal since these schools didn't receive federal funds and won't be penalized. If I am correct, God help us all.

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