Letter to the Editor

Lake project would stimulate area

Sunday, August 22, 2004

To the editor:

A water park in the Cape Girardeau area is not the way to boost economic growth. After completion, employment would be minimal -- minimum wage at that, it would not bring additional businesses to the area, nor would it require the services of the hundreds of businesses that exist in the area now.

The proposed lake for Cape Girardeau and Bollinger counties that is going to be brought up again would spark an economic growth that this area hasn't seen in nearly three decades. The countless number of jobs created to build, maintain and promote a project of this size would be remarkable. The new businesses that come in support of a new lake community would be countless, not to mention the real estate development in and around a new lake community would be second to none.

Above all, the family activities a lake would bring would mean not having to travel great distances to enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, skiing, camping and a number of other activities the whole family can be a part of. Bollinger-Cape County Friends of the Lake would like to invite everyone to embrace this new proposal and think of what it would mean to your family, your friends and your community. Comments are welcome at B/C F.O.L, P.O. Box 273 Jackson, Mo. 63755,