Speak Out 8/21/04

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Turn right

THIS IS to the motorists going north on Seimers Drive and turning right onto Route K. There are two lanes. The one on the right is supposed to go south on the interstate. There's a sign there saying right lane must turn right. A bunch of people aren't turning on the interstate, and they're going to cause an accident.

Police are helping

I WANT the Jackson Police Department to know I really appreciate all the help its providing in regard to all the detours. The police are making it a lot easier getting my kids safely back and forth to school.

Miserable facilities

I WOULD like to issue a challenge to the SEMO District Fair board president that he use the same restroom and shower facilities as the livestock exhibitors use at the fair. They are the most miserable facilities I've ever seen at a fairgrounds. I hope by next year we can have a modern shower facility for the exhibitors.

Summer theater class

I WANT to thank Lydia Blades and her assistants for teaching such a wonderful summer theater class at Arena Park. The two plays were spectacular. The hard work and perseverance by both teachers and students was very apparent. My child now has a passion for theater and hopes to pursue that passion as she progresses in school. Thank you again, and see you next summer.

Go, home schoolers

TO ALL of the home schoolers out there, way to go. If I could home-school, I would. I believe that you're giving your children the best education there is. Keep it up. Great work.

A real hero

MY SYMPATHY to the family of the firefighter who lost her life while on duty in Kentucky. She volunteered her precious time to be a firefighter. She truly cared, and she truly is a hero.

Taking a stand

HOORAY FOR Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in his efforts to save the residents of his state millions of dollars by getting prescription drugs from Canada. Our federal politicians may have sold out to the pharmaceutical companies, but it appears Blagojevich can't be bought. I hope more governors will follow in his footsteps in standing up for our rights. It's refreshing to see a politician actually do something for the taxpayer for a change.

Methanol's future

I JUST got a magazine that said in a few years the whole fuel and power situation will quite probably change completely. The answers to OPEC and our electric power grid will be methanol-powered fuel cells. This can run cars and, with a small plastic tube, supply heat and electric power to our homes and stores. Methanol can be produced from everything from wood chips to animal waste. We could produce all of the fuel easily and say goodbye to OPEC and a lot of the electric power grid. Let the Arabs in the Mideast fight amongst themselves as they have done for hundreds of years and not have to go to war to protect our petroleum supply.

Keeping the papers

THIS IS a warning to all the utility trailer owners in Jackson and Cape Girardeau area. There is a state highway patrol trooper stopping trailers for some unknown reason. He takes pictures of your utility trailer, asks for proof of identification, pink slips and bill of sale. He keeps them and drives off. This is illegal in Missouri. Police officers cannot keep your pink slips or your bill of sale. They can look at them. They should give them back. This happened to us yesterday at the Interstate 55 and U.S. 61 interchange. The trooper said he would mail back the pink slip. Next thing you'll know, they're be confiscating the trailer.

Illinois customers

I THINK Cape Girardeau could have a water park, because it would draw people from Illinois. There is a good water park in Eddyville, Ky., that always seems tempting, but it's such a long drive to get there.

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