Speak Out 7/9/08

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Positive assets

ACCORDING TO the 40 Developmental Assets framework, character education should take place at home, at school, in the religious communities, in the neighborhoods and in youth and sports programs. The more developmental assets that are being built for youths, the more likely that the youths will become healthy, caring and responsible adults. How can more of a positive thing be bad for our children? Our community needs to get on the same page when it comes to caring about children.

No citywide ban

THERE HAVE been several comments about banning fireworks because of how they are abused in one section of town. That's not fair. Why punish everyone because some parents are not watching their children? You do not hear complaints of children shooting fireworks at each other, at cars or at houses in other neighborhoods. Rather than have a citywide ban, the area where this happens should be patrolled more closely, and the parents should be held accountable.

A great time

I WANT to thank all the volunteers at the air show and Libertyfest celebration at the airport. Even though it seemed that combining the two events was going to overwhelm you, you all did a great job in getting everyone parked and in to see a great show and fireworks. Yes, there was lack of toilets, but I can see where that could happen when you've never experienced a crowd as big as you had. So thank you again for the free fun. My family and I had a great time.

Crashing oil prices

I PRAY that the oil bubble hurries up and bursts and the price of oil finally comes crashing down. From what I see, a rock-bottom oil price would benefit the everyday American consumer. Some big oil companies might go under, but that's not my problem.

Playing the market?

THE FDA claimed tomatoes were the cause of the recent illnesses. Now it isn't sure. It did not do enough research to find the right answer. How many tomato farmers were hurt? The FDA said coffee was bad for you. Now it isn't. In the 1950s cranberries caused cancer. Then it was proved that was wrong. Did someone in control play the stock market? Maybe they still are.

Stay at the airport

I would like to say "Job well done" to the organizers of Libertyfest and air show. We had such a great time at the airport. It took a little while to get home, but that is to be expected. I vote to keep it at the airport every year.

Jackson's breaks

JACKSON WORKERS can no longer have lunch or take a break together. They must eat or take breaks at different times. How much money is this wasting? If there is a project that takes more than one person and it is time for one employee to have lunch, the project is put on hold for two hours instead of one hour. Talk about a waste of time and money. I would hope that our board of aldermen and our mayor would step in and do something about this.

Speed limits

ENOUGH ALREADY on lowering speed limits. If you choose to go slower because you want to save gasoline, that is your choice. You are living in a society that likes to get places in the fastest amount of time. Changing speed limits would cause more people to break the law.

Bottle rockets

I WAS out for the Fourth of July, and when I came home our road was covered in firework papers. I picked up 64 bottle rocket sticks in my yard. I don't think it should take a lot of thought for officials to put a stop to these toy weapons.

Handicap parking

THIS IS a plea to anyone who finds himself tempted to take advantage of handicap parking spots and the areas next to them that are marked, "No parking." Please don't park there because you think it won't matter. It does matter. Some of these vans in handicap spots look normal on the outside, but they have been converted to allow a ramp that extends from the side to allow someone in a wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle. When you park too close to their vehicle, they cannot get in and sometimes must wait for you to return before they can continue about their day. Needless to say, it is frustrating to see how inconsiderate people can be.

Slower, please

I WOULD like to remind everyone to slow down when they drive on county roads. I live on County Road 651, and it is like a drag strip. I have seen ducks and dogs get hit. Some motorists don't even hit the brakes. There are children playing and people walking. It is no different from a street in town. Please slow down.

Put up a statue

RUSH LIMBAUGH'S recent signing of a $400 million-plus contract through 2016 puts him in a special category. He has so far surpassed the other Missourians on Cape Girardeau's Wall of Fame that he deserves special consideration, perhaps a statue on the corner of Broadway and West End Boulevard known as Freedom Corner. I would expect unanimity of support for this suggestion and that said statue be funded by Cape's taxpayers through action by the city council.

Plan for the crowd

THE LIBERTYFEST and air show this year were outstanding. Next year, please get someone else to do the planning. More portable bathrooms are needed, especially in the veterans section. There was only one disabled restroom, and I watched as people in wheelchairs were made to wait forever while others who were not disabled used the bathroom. Some of us like to wash our hands when we are done in the bathroom. Then there was the food lines. If you were there, you know it was quicker to walk over to the truck stop and back. Finally, there was the evacuation from the parking lot. I left at 9:45 p.m. and did not get to the main road until 11:15 p.m.

Scheduled savings

I HAVE been reading where several local governments are struggling. One way local governments might save money until we get past these tough times is go to a four-day, 10-hour workweek. Some businesses and state governments are already shifting to this.

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