Letter to the Editor

Inland Florida hit hard by Charley

Thursday, August 19, 2004

To the editor:

Hurricane Charley has come and gone, but not without a unforgettable impact on many of us for years to come. Having grown up in Perryville and having lived inland in Florida, I never thought I would experience the direct impact of a hurricane. We were the town most coastal cities migrated to when a hurricane was coming, and that certainly was the case during this hurricane.

Much to our surprise, the hurricane was at our back door with nowhere nor time to escape what Charley had to give.

Our electricity was restored late Monday, but we have been told that it could go out at any time. I also have had a phone just a few hours.

I realized just how much I have taken for granted. Believe me, I will never look at things in the same way. It only took a turn in direction to make me realize that without warning everything could change forever.

Before you lay your head down tonight, please say a prayer for all those who are less fortunate than I have been throughout this ordeal. And I hope you can find it in your heart contact your nearest American Red Cross and see what you can do to assist.

It's really a small world out here. I can share only one person's experience. Thank you, and God bless.