Letter to the Editor

Unborn babies don't have choices

Thursday, August 19, 2004

To the editor:

A Speak Out comment addressed the issues of abortion and death. It said the unborn child (I didn't know if this was a tongue in cheek) has absolute right to life and the mother does not when her life is threatened by pregnancy. This brings to my mind Senior U.S. Judge Scott Wright overturning the ban on partial-birth abortion in July. A woman has two choices (or more, if you think about it). She can stay celibate or make sure she is protected. She can, if she does not want children, have surgery for herself. A baby has no choice. That child did not ask to be here and be unwanted. There is another choice open to the woman: adoption.

Whose health is Judge Wright concerned with? How can a woman carry a baby full-term, partially deliver the baby and they say it is dangerous for the mother's health? It looks to me like it isn't the mother who is in danger, but the innocent baby. I wonder what these judges and doctors will say when they stand before our real Judge. We need a Solomon with wisdom to rule on these laws.

LOUIS HUGHES, Marble Hill, Mo.