Speak Out 7/6/08

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Longer days

JACKSON SCHOOLS are adding 20 to 30 minutes to each school day for grad prep and character training. When I was in school, it was the counselor's place to prepare each student for graduation. As far as character training, the school district needs to leave that to the parents of the students. It is my responsibility to raise my son as I see fit. I rely on the schools to teach grammar, math and science, but the character of my child should come from me. This is crossing the line. If the district wants to make the days longer, look into the lunch program. Twenty minutes is not enough time for children to eat their lunch.

Life in the 1950s

AFTER A sugar-coated description of American life in the 1950s, a Speak Out comment asked what was wrong with that way of life. I'll tell you in part. It was based on racism, sexism, agism, anti-religious bias, extreme psychological repression and mind-numbing conformity.

Taking responsibility

I SO admire the parents of the teen who backed into Wib's in Jackson. When they saw the damage on his truck, his parents questioned him until he admitted what happened. A lot of parents would have hushed it up, since no one knew who did it. But these wise parents took him to Wib's owners where he admitted what he had done. If more parents were like them, we wouldn't have all the problems with vandalism by our youths.

Jet trainers, not jets

THE STORY on your front page called the T-34s "jets" a few times. T-34s are not jet driven. They are props. It is correct that they were jet trainers, but you can see from the front view they are not jets. The T-34 is well-known by anybody who served.

Jackson's sod

WHY IN the middle of summer did Jackson workers lay sod in the median of East Main Street? Now the city has to pay a worker to water the sod. The city could have waited until this fall to put the sod down. There are also a great many dead limbs still in the city park that have been overlooked for months. I hope this will be addressed before the next ice storm.

Gender imbalance

CHINA'S ONE-CHILD policy seems to have backfired. China has what is called the "largest gender imbalance in the world." According to The New Republic, China has "37 million more men than women and almost 20 percent more newborn boys than girls nationwide." This is resulting in excessively high levels of testosterone in many young Chinese men and leading to the formation of violent forms of activity so as to try to vent their frustration. The thing I liked most about the article in The New Republic is the title: "No Country for Young Men."

Saving gasoline

SPEED LIMITS need to be lowered. I drove to St. Louis and drove 60 mph the entire way. My fuel mileage went up by 2 mpg. It amazed me that people drive as fast as they do.

Vote on drilling

IN THIS great country, don't we believe in voting to hear the voice of the people? We vote to elect government officials, and they are supposed to be our voices and vote on issues that concern us. It seems that all the government officials want to do is fight and bicker. I have a possibly simple solution: have the American people vote on whether or not we should drill in the United States. It would save some time for all of us.

Changing their tune

A FUNNY thing happened over the last week. All the people who complain about gasoline prices being too high, wages being too low and the economy going downhill were suddenly changing their stories when the thought of a casino came up. It must be nice to have that kind of money.

This is so important

ISN'T IT newsworthy for something to be printed like this? It's John 3:16: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life in heaven." This is so important. People need to start believing and getting their rears in gear. They need to confess and repent. People are dying and going to hell.

Thanks, teachers

I WANT to say a huge thank you to the teachers at Orchard and South Elementary schools in Jackson for being involved in summer school. My children had a great time.

Out-of-state tags

I WOULD like to see the police in Cape Girardeau crack down on people that live here but continue to get Illinois plates for their cars. You see it all over town. We who live in Missouri have to pay taxes on our autos, but these people from Illinois have an address in Illinois and still get their license plates there.

Sweep the streets

THIS MESSAGE is directed to the city council in Cape Girardeau. I don't know if they've driven some of the main streets like Lexington Avenue in Cape Girardeau lately. The streets are filthy, and it looks like they haven't seen a street sweeper in several months. It's embarrassing for out-of-town people to come in and see our city as filthy as it is.

Dutchtown buyouts

THIS IS about the person that called in saying a buyout in Dutchtown sounds good. Seventy-five percent may sound good, but if you owe 80 or 90 percent on your property, it doesn't sound so good. The people who live in and around Dutchtown and in the flood zone are all taxpayers too. Without a doubt our taxes helped build the floodwall in Cape Girardeau and for the pumps that keep the water pumped out of downtown. We're all taxpayers too.

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