Letter to the Editor

No question, it's clearly dirty politics

Monday, August 16, 2004

To the editor:

David Limbaugh has written another diatribe, "Fit for Command," where he ponders whether this is dirty politics or truth. Let me help Limbaugh out of his quandary. It's dirty politics.

As a matter of fact, it is the same dirty politics used against John McCain when the Bush campaign insinuated that he may have been a traitor as a POW.

It's the same dirty politics used against Max Cleland in Georgia, who lost limbs in Vietnam. A group went after him and his service record.

Since Limbaugh is so interested in the truth, here are some truths. The doctor claiming John Kerry's wounds were superficial did not sign Kerry's medical documents. My father, who was a medic in World War II, tells me he never remembered the superficial wounds anyway.

How do these Swiftees know what Kerry did? I understand that they did not even serve on the same boat as Kerry.

Perhaps most important is the truth that the man whose life Kerry saved, a registered Republican by the way, clearly remembers Kerry as a hero.

Ultimately, the biggest truth is this: Kerry, like my brother, served his country, in Vietnam. George Bush and Dick Cheney did not. I find this kind of name-calling and record smearing of those who went reminiscent of what the hippies in the 1960s did to returning servicemen.

Still unsure if this is dirty politics? Let me assure Limbaugh it is.

PAM LEIGHTON, Cape Girardeau