Speak Out 6/27/08

Friday, June 27, 2008

The ethanol ruse

ETHANOL IS environmentally worse than gasoline. When you buy gasoline, you are not buying volume. You are buying miles traveled. Ethanol is only two-thirds as energy-rich as gasoline, so a gallon of ethanol equals two-thirds a gallon of gasoline. A gallon of E85 is equivalent to about three-fourths gallon of gasoline. Anyone who only loses 1 mpg must only be getting about 8 to 10 mpg with gas and is part of our energy problem. To be economically worthwhile, a gallon of ethanol would have to cost less than $3. Until that difference develops, you are being hoodwinked if you buy E85 -- plus you are adding to our environmental problems, not subtracting from them. One 25-gallon fill-up of ethanol uses enough corn to feed a person for a full year. Do you care?

Proper lane usage

DRIVERS, PLEASE remember that the center turn lanes are not a part of the regular driving lanes. I have witnessed three drivers over the past week driving half in the turn lane and half in the driving lane down Independence Street. Either learn how to drive properly or lock your car and give the keys to someone who can.

Blocking the view

THERE SHOULD be a law against political signs close to intersections. There is one on North Mount Auburn Road and Keystone Drove that is blocking the view. If I am involved in an accident because of one of these signs, I will sue the politician, political party and whoever put up the signs.

Sharing her story

THANK YOU, Joe Sullivan, for sharing the story of your mother. My deep condolences go out to you at this time.

Cape is lucky

I'D SURE like to know who the people are who are so rich they can go gambling. Can't people see that this is a form of corruption? It's addictive, and it's going to cause problems. We're so fortunate that Cape Girardeau missed out on the casino.

Homeless animals

AT ONE time, I was feeding five or six strays, three raccoons and four of my own cats and one dog. They come on the porch and ate cat food. They didn't bother each other. My pets are always spayed and neutered. I enjoy the homeless animals.

Summer homework

I AM questioning the reason behind the English classes at Central High School, which has a reading and writing assignment due on the first day of school. My child has to read two books and do a lengthy written assignment. Is it legal for public schools to give homework over the summer and have it due on the first day of school?

Dangerous intersection

I TAKE my children to Central High School every morning. I am concerned about the right-turn lane off South Kingshighway onto South Mount Auburn Road being so short and narrow. Many times there are at least eight cars pulled on the shoulder of the road waiting to turn right. The speed limit in that area is 55 mph, which makes it a dangerous situation. If the highway department would improve this area like the intersection at Kingshighway and Highway 74 and at Kingshighway at Cape Rock Drive, it would be much safer for the entire community.

What Washington wrote

GEORGE WASHINGTON, writing in an Oct. 28, 1789, letter, stated, "I am persuaded you will permit me to observe that the path of true piety is so plain as to require but little political direction. To this consideration we ought to ascribe the absence of any regulation respecting religion from the Magna Carta of our country. To the guidance of the ministers of the Gospel, this important object is perhaps more properly committed."

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