As fighting rages, Blair signs Olympic Truce

ATHENS, Greece -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair signed the Olympic Truce at the birthplace of the games Saturday, even as his troops in Iraq were breaking with the spirit of the document that calls for a halt in worldwide conflict during the competition. Organizers of the truce -- inspired by the cease-fire between warring city-states during the ancient games at Olympia -- say more than 450 world leaders and international personalities have signed the initiative. Saturday, 20 prime ministers, heads of state and members of royal families signed the document.

Jobless graduates storm Gaza building over jobs

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- More than 100 unemployed university graduates stormed a Palestinian Authority building in a Gaza Strip refugee camp Saturday, calling on the Palestinian leadership to provide jobs. The incident, which ended peacefully after about two hours, was the latest sign of discontent with the beleaguered Palestinian Authority. The unarmed graduates said the authority had promised them employment and failed to live up to its obligation. "We have asked all those in charge and all the members of the Palestinian Legislative Council to find a solution for our situation by finding us jobs, but no one is listening to us," said Shadi Shaath, a protester.

EU challenges Bush on aircraft subsidies

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The European Union said Saturday it was willing to consider "disciplining" government support to European aircraft maker Airbus -- but only if the United States does the same for rival Boeing Co. Responding to President Bush's threat Friday to challenge "unfair" EU subsidies at the World Trade Organization "if need be," the EU's head office noted that "constructive discussions" were already underway between the two sides. Those talks must cover indirect and "more recently direct" subsidies to Boeing if changes are to be made to the government-backed loans Airbus receives for launching new models, an EU spokeswoman said.

-- From wire reports