Speak Out 08/14/04

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Preying on seniors

RECENTLY I'VE helped my elderly parents take care of their mail and paying their bills. I am amazed that almost everyday they receive address labels or stationary from alleged not-for-profit groups asking for a donation. While some are legit, I've researched others on the Internet to find that as little as 20 percent of donations go to the cause. I think it's ridiculous that these companies prey on senior citizens on fixed incomes to raise money to put in their pockets. And it is a shame these companies intimidate seniors into feeling obligated to make a donation for a gift they didn't ask to receive.

Immediate response

REGARDING ROAD construction in Jackson at Route D and Farmington: The residents of Rosewood Estates greatly appreciate the immediate response from the Jackson Police Department when our concerns and complaints were voiced regarding the increased traffic being routed through our neighborhood. The new 20-mph speed limit signs and the ongoing presence of patrolling police cars has helped to train our visiting traffic. Thank you.

Trash and tourism

ROADSIDE AND parking-lot litter stand in the way of Cape Girardeau becoming a tourist destination. Why pay good money to visit a trash dump?

A political problem

NEITHER POLITICAL party has the courage to take on the problems created by illegal immigration. They're afraid of alienating legal and voting immigrants of the same ethnicity as the illegals. Learn to live with it and learn Spanish.

Thoughts on immigrants

OVER AND OVER I read Speak Out comments regarding immigrants not adapting to the local language and customs. This immigrant would like to comment. The English spoken in Missouri is completely different from the English being taught to immigrants in their home countries. Not all immigrants are Latino, Hispanic or Mexican. I know immigrants in Cape Girardeau County from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Greece and Russia. When I immigrated to the United States a few years ago, I wanted to join the community, and I did, I belong to civic clubs and church, and most people do not even know I am an immigrant. If we expect our immigrants to drop their own customs, how come we have a French festival in St. Genevieve and Octoberfest in Jackson? Please do not forget that it was not very long ago that all of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were immigrants themselves. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped.

Get better info

FIVE YEARS ago superintendent Dan Steska told teachers the district would not build a new school on the backs of teachers, but two years after the new Central High School opened, teachers have had their salaries frozen. Our current problems did not originate in the last two years but stem from decisions made over the last several years. Board members need to do a better job educating themselves.

Pet control needed

AN ANIMAL control board would be great. I have many concerns about the safety of animals in Cape Girardeau. My neighbor has a rabbit living in a bird cage, a rabbit in a fish tank, a cat in a cage and two dogs. I have called the police many times, and nothing is ever done. My neighbor gets electricity from a generator because he can't afford electricity. If they can't afford electricity, do you think they can afford food for the pets?

Spending the money

THE CITY didn't have money to pay the firefighters and police officers what they deserved and couldn't buy any new equipment. But now it's going to spend this money from the hotel-motel tax. I think the money should be put in a water park and cut out all this controlling how many animals you can have. There are more important things going on right now.

Potholes on I-55

WHEN DOES the highway department plan to repair these potholes on I-55 between Scott City to Center Junction? It's rough as a cob.

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