Letter to the Editor

Preserve downtown Cape's history

Saturday, August 14, 2004

To the editor:

In response to "Two-way Main Street discussed": Has anyone given any thought to not allowing any traffic at all on Main Street? Main Street is narrow to begin with, and the removal of the clock would be detrimental to the area. Set up a parking lot for tourists and residents, and bus them to the area. This would be especially beneficial to seniors like myself who don't get around too well.

The downtown area has the makings of a great representation of old Cape Girardeau, which should be preserved before everything that made Cape a great town to grow up in and live is gone forever. I've seen this done in many towns, and it seems to draw people to the shops and stores.

I've been dying to visit the brewery that now occupies the old Buckner Ragsdale Store where my mom used to take me to shop back in the 1940s.

Main Street has great potential. Please don't destroy it with parked cars and traffic.

LARRY SWANN, Kimberling City, Mo.