Letter to the Editor

Sprigg history preserved in Bible

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To the editor:

Our family has lived most of their Cape Girardeau lives at the corner of Sprigg and Bellevue streets and follow current discussions of the romance of Sprigg Street.

Anna Stokes, from whom we bought our house, died unexpectedly, and her heirs had little interest in the contents, so we were left with the lares and penates, including the family Bible. A single newspaper clipping told the story of Doc Stokes being awakened by the barking of his dog. He took a light and went outside and found the dog had chased a raccoon under the front porch. The newspaper gave the story front-page publicity, and Stokes clipped the account and filed it in the Bible.

PETER HILTY, Cape Girardeau